Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Doctor visit

We went to the doctor today. I knew Benjamin has an ear infection because he told me that I need to kiss his ear because it was painful. Last night, I gave him tylenol just to help easing the pain. I always felt bad when Benjamin got colds and cough and I kept blaming myself why I let him go to the preschool. Mary has cough but I did not let the doctor checked her. It seems she is getting better. I am hoping, she is so little to take antibiotics. The doctor gave prescription to Benjamin-another antibiotic. He was taking antibiotics for his sinus infection and he was done taking last May 10. It made me upset thinking those antibiotics that my son took. I really hate those things.

It is a good idea that Benjamin and I played tea party and I put water in a tea pot and we both drinking. This way, he can drink clear liquid and it helps with the congestion to ease up.
We went to Safeway store and get his medicine and while we are there. We are looking for pie crust so we can make pie. It is a bad idea that I made pumpkin pie, Benjamin does not like it when he tasted it. He just gave me an ehhhh word.

While I was busy doing the pie, Mary was busy too. She was so quiet messing the videos, she took it from the shelves.-like brother like sister. Mary started to stand up May 6, 2007- just almost seven months. She moved so dainty. got her first tooth May 1, 2007. She was so fussy on her first cut. Well, the baby oragel helps a lot.

I fed Mary a vegetable beef dinner this evening-that is her first meat. She loves to eat it and even green beans. She didn't like peaches.