Sunday, November 25, 2007

Countdown for Disneyworld visit on December

I am so excited to see Mickey Mouse again lol in Florida. We will be meeting a DVC members owners. We owned a piece of Disney then we are happy to see our co-owners. We love to meet them in person, we all knew them online and it is really great to established friendship with them. They are nice people I know that. Love to help each other if one of us has a problems of using our vacation points. Love to give gifts even we never met in person. During our members cruise recently, we met few of them and they love to give gifts and leave it at the door in our stateroom. The next Disney member cruise will be on Sept of next year, where it is impossible for us to join. We will be in Japan and that time, we are having fun scouting what is it at Tokyo Disneyland. We will try to visit Hongkong Disneyland too...I believe we can.....---- by using our vacation points and we are preparing our food allowance and buy plane ticket. I just did not know how much we will be spent there so we need to save money to see the world.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Today is Friday

Today is Friday and it is almost sundown. I need to get off soon when I am done posting my last entry of my ops. There is not much ops today and I was hoping there is. I was planning to buy 3 sets of Bible Animated DVD.
I will try to log in tomorrow evening if I am not that busy here in the house. I know tomorrow is a big day for us. It is SABBATH DAY!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ben and his friends Jasmine and Jeannie

We left in the house about 11:30am because Mary decided to take a nap. She was so fussy and I can't help of not letting her to sleep or else she will be grumpy all afternoon. I better to. When Mary woke up, she had a big smile looking at her brother and was so excited to go outside. I decided to stop by at Safeway quick because she was out of her baby food and then another stop at Lina's Store. I bought palabok. I never had palabok before because they always put pork chicharon. My mother never make like that too.. I know it is just like a noodle but I think I like it.
We got there at my friends house about 12:30pm and Benjamin was so happy to see Jasmine and Jeannie. They were limping for joy. I just could not imagine how close these kids and it is so sad not to see them when we will be moving to Japan. Clavel and I were talking of giving us update photos so they won't forget each other. Imagine when we will be back here, Ben gonna be seven or nine years old. I think they gonna be felt shyness to each other. Not so sure with those kids.
Clavel and I talk lots of things..... we did not spend lots of time because she is a working girl. She works hard and I just stay at home. We eat lots of food...where to keep us healthy LOL..oh boy! to gain weight LOL...It is ok, it is not always anyways LOL. Aileen and Hazel decided not to come, Hazel has a doc appt where she did not know ahead and Aileen- their private was dig by the power company so they can install power to the next lot. I heard they are going to build a house.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cooking for dinner

I was so busy yesterday, we had late lunch. Mary is so messy when she is eating by herself. I just remembered that Benjamin is so clean freak. If there is food in his hands, he immediately asked me to wipe it. So he used spoon and fork when he is eating but for Mary. Oh boy! she grabbed the food and pour it on herself. I just could not imagine this little lady. The ecky thing she did is thatwhen she is drinking linquid. She loves to spit it and it runs down on her clothes and she got wet. Ben and I kept saying to her... Mary that is cold and icky.
I cook dinner so quick because Brian will be home in about half an hour. I just want him to eat early because he will be going to sleep early. He went to work 3:00am today so he had a long day. Poor bana. I sent sandwich for his lunch because he could not buy food from the galley, its closed- its weekends

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Church Day- happy soul

We went to church today. I was really enjoying with our kids class. Jessica and I were the leaders and I was the one doing the craft thing and Jessica mostly do the songs and the story. She did a good job Our message for today is sharing, and we were so happy that kids response with our lessons today. We let them crayon a coloring page and we give one color in every child. We encourage them to share their crayons and they did. We love it how they responded it. We ended up of good lessons and all kids did a wonderful job. We are happy then and Jesus happy we the results. Jesus is exalted!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Church Day

We went to the church today, my kids woke up early and I was praying that Mary won't get upset as the kids class on going. I am glad that she did not. She is a good girl and just sitting in a chair clapping her hands if we are singing.
I was really worried when the cabinet fell on Benjamin. Maybe he climb and wanted to go to the other side. They put a cabinet as barrier for the kids won't play to the Lutheran people toys. I am not sure if they put or my bretheren put it. I was scared because he looks pail and keep saying that his tummy is painful. I am glad that he feels better after I hug him a lots.. He does not want me to put him down, he kept clinging on me. God is so good, He does not want one of his child got hurt and Thank you Lord.
We had a wonderful service today, it was a testimony service which was lead by Barb Butler. She was doing good and was glad that I shared a little on our 2-week vacation in FL. I just wanna talk a lot but time was not permitted.
We went home about 12:45pm and grabbed food for lunch. I was cleaning a bit with our mess and at 3:20 I prepared the kids for going to Bremerton. Dena, our friend at church is gonna be her rebaptism. I was late though but it is ok.. at least I joined them with the singing service. I missed singing and I guess I will sing couple times before we will be moving to Japan. I missed my family at chruch, they are so nice people. We bid goodbye to everyone with lots of smiles and waves.
God is so good. We need to prepare ourselves in His second coming. We will be with Him forever where there is no sorrows and pains. This world is temporary. We will treasure the heaven that we long for.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Disappointed from USCIS

I received a notice from USCIS that my interview for citizenship will be on December 7. We will be in FL that time for another week of vacation. We went to Tukwila just to ask adjustment for my interview but the immigration officer just told us to go home and send a reason why I can't keep the appointment that they scheduled for em. Brian was disappointed and wanted to send complaint to our Congressman what the USCIS behavior. We were driving for more than an hour, burned gas and wasting our time ....and that is what their response. I just wished they will consider for those people that come to their office...and they will accomodate it.
Yes we have one main reason why we wanted to change it but then there is another reason why we wanted it early. Because we will be moving to Japan and I need to get a business passport so we are allowed to stay there for 3 years in Japan without worrying to get out in the country. Brian was told that he will be detached this mid of January.... We are waiting from the shipyard to tell us when we can get a business passports for the kids and me (waiting for the citizenship interview). Oh well......... What we gonna do?
Brian and I planned to send out letter tomorrow for requesting early interview but if ever they will give me a schedule late December then I will keep my appointment.. so then Mary and I will go home early Thursday and then attend my interview the next day. I feel that my a week vacation is not complete.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kids woke up early today again...

Its been four days now that the kids woke up early. Brian loves it when they are awake and bid goodbye to their Daddy. Mary is so cute when she is about to cry when Brian head to the door. She does not like that Brian will be going to work. It is really cute that Benjamin will say...Daddy going to work now... He bid goodbye to Brian and give lots of kissed and hugs... that is my little man. as mama.. always be the last.... I did not fixed his breakfast this morning because I was awake late. I sleep late last night because I was watching movie, the Hot Fuzz and Next by Nicholas Cage. It is really nice movies but the Hot Fuzz used lots of curse words.. I will not let Benjamin and Mary watch it... very cursy...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Late night

We are in east cost 7pm is kinda late for us. Brian cook dinner, he cook steak and paired with green salad. Oh well....a little reddy meat.. not cook well. I usually eat well done since I am still breastfeeding Mary. I am thinking to wean Mary but I think it is kinda unfair from her brother which was weaned in 22 months old. I will try to think about this.. as long as she wanted me to nurse her. I still do it.
After we eat dinner, we were watching movie Mulan.. we are Disney fanatic what do u expect LOL....

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Back to WA today

After two weeks of vacation, I am so tired with our vacation. I just wanna get some sleep and I am happy that we are going to go home today. Our plane leaves at 2pm EST and be there in Seattle at around 7:20pm. Pls include us in your prayers for our safe trip home.