Monday, February 18, 2008

Go for a fishing in VA Coves

I love to go for a fishing but hubby never do it since we got married. He said, he did it once but he did not catch any fish. It was so funny but I wanna try it then. I found a very nice lake and famous in VA Fishing ground. It is Smith Mountain Lake where there are lots of things to do. This is a cool place for hiking trails, boating, camping, picnics, fishing and many more. If you like nature then this is a place for you to explore. They have also public and private golf course to enjoy. If you love golf then this is the best place to come during summer. Lots of activities we can do here in Smith Mountain Lake, just visit the link in here for more information.

Kids woke up late

Never got a chance to do a lot of blogging eventhough the kids woke up late. I was up late too. LOL

Quality dance wear at

Can you believe that I am shopping about Dance Shoes for my little lady. She is 15 months old and she loves to dance anways. I got curious with the products they have here at and they have leotards for adults and youth, cheerwears like uniforms, shoes, warm ups and many more. They have also designer products available on their store.

If you are sending your little girl for ballet, they have also great and affordable ballet wears from shoes and clothes.. I love my little girl to have this when she is old enough to have a ballet lessons. It is really cute to look at. If you are interested to look at those beautiful and quality dancewear, you better check out the

Visit to Brian's boss' boss' Mr Tom Murphy

We were invited to come in his house. He is a nice guy and even his wife was so nice. They have two kids with them Ian and Dylan. They are kind of shy type kids, never talk to us but it seemed they are good kid. This kids love to play video games and even on their computer. They are nice though. I am hoping and praying that they are always our friends and treated us family here. The PSNS Command is pretty new here. I love to make friends with them and even to the other guys that come at the get together. Brian and I are planning to invite them in our house warming thing. I am thinking two weeks after we move. I knew we are settld in about two weeks.

They have a nice Japanese house that they rented. The place is big but the hallway is a little bit narrow than the place we are going to rent. Oh well, what do you expect in here. They have a little land to spend here in Japan and they could not afford to leveled their land and build more homes. Tom's wife Christy, she loves flowers and even foliage plants and I think we have in common with that. She definitely loves plants. She has potted plants in the outside and more in the inside too. That is what Brian want me to do. A little bit of everything because the place that we have is not that big space for roses. I will plant roses and I am thinking two in a pots.

Cheap PDA, cellphone and digital camera accessories at

I always protected my camera and even cellphone and buying a Digital Camera Accessoriesmade me happy. Because it protected my little toy and it has a guaranteed to have a little more longer life especially if you have little ones. Sometimes they got my phone and play it. They drop it on the floor and oh boy! But if there is cover to protect the phone, it is relieving. Buying digital camera is really expensive. Yes it is affordable but to buy 2 or 3 in a year, that is pretty darn expensive. I bought a new digital camera phone and I am looking in the site, they have everything like charm flashing, waterproof cellhone case, different kind of buetooth headset, leather case and many more You better check this out. The price is not bad at all. It is affordable. I like to put bling in my phone and they have it too. Check them out!

A call from Brian's boss Mr Phil Aldrigdge

Mr Phil, Brian's boss called us about 11AM in our room and told us if we wanted to go with them at MWR with them. He said, we don't need it but then we are going to meet at 1:15PM outside the Main gate. Oh boy! We were late for 5 minutes and I am so thankful that it is okey with them. They are a nice family

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Rematch for Mayweather vs De La Hoya this coming September 2008

I was watching boxing before but then it fade out because we did not have cable TV but we are planning to get a cable TV again so then we can order it our cable. I am not willing to come to arena and watch because I have two little ones.

If ever you wanted to get theMayweather vs De La Hoya tickets just feel free to visit the site at for more information. They are number one seller of tickets online and pls feel free to check if the ticket is available. It might be a good idea to sign up for notifying you if the ticket is available. Be the first one to know! They can send you an email that the ticket is ready for buying. You know that the seats is limited and are not available for everyone. This is a rematch fight so then this is gonna be fun and has close fight.

I have the feeling that this is gonna be fun of the rematch. Both boxers are looking forward on how to knock it down. I heard that Mayweather is the difficult opponent of De La Hoya. They both thinking of the tactics on how to knock it down.

Buddha at Hase Kamakura

We just had an afternoon visit to Hase, Kamakura. We went and see the big buddha and it is really faschinating to see the Japanese people touching the thing-the thing which is round and has a smoke coming out. I am not sure what was that. I don't know why they touch it and I know that is a form of their worshipping their gods and it maybe the one they called it Shinto god. I am not sure then and I just need to research with that.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dr Edward Murphy a great cosmetic surgeon on the south.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, I just like to shape up my tummy after having a baby- my skin still sagging and it looks awful to me. I know other people could not see it but when I look at myself in the mirror. Oh boy!

I was really in into surfing and found Dr. Murphy as a laser surgeon based in Phoenix AZ. He is a board certified of vascular surgeons and can perform and diagnose treatment for venos disease. Pls don't wonder what kind of stuff is this because you might not aware of that the veins protruding in your skin thats the thing that I am talking about. If you like to see what kind of surgery is this then visit the link that I provided it here. This clinic is the best laser surgery in Phoenix and it is the best idea to come and visit their clinic. Dr. Murphy is personally see you and evaluating your needs. Go check it out.

Excited to be there in our new place we called it new home

We will be moving to our new place on Wednesday and I am so excited to arrange all our furnitures and all other stuff. I am so excited to make a Japanese living room which is really cool. I will try to make friends to any Japanese people and ask opinions and ideas for Japanese living room and I am so sure they will be pleased with it. I know how proud they are in their culture and customs.

Visit in New York is worth of experiencing it by tours

I just love to go for a tours but we mostly go with buses but this kind of tours that I seen is pretty much different from New York City bus tours. When you book at this site for your NY tours. They will take you by subway where the New Yorkers ride everyday and to the places that you wanted to go, your feet is stepping in and not only seen at the side of the road. They will take you to places, restaurants and any other places around New York. If you are adventurous enough then this is a great tours for you. Just visit the site and you and your family or friends will enjoy visiting any beautiful places in New York. Just let them know what places you like to see and I just love the idea that they treated you as there family. Their tours varies in different prices and it is on the group of 8 as always. Which is really comfortable. I think being a tourist guide is pretty cool and you learn lots of stuff around the neighborhood in NY.

During the booking for your tours, pls be meticulous enough to the places where you wanted to go. So you will be sure that your tours is worth to be remembered and you have lots of pictures to fill in your album.

Happy Valentines

Valentines is here and some people will greet me happy hearts day. I think I better say Happy hearts day. It is pretty cool.

Since we are living now in the rising sun, we are 16 hours ahead to my friends back there in the US and I will greet them Happy Hearts day. Is your loveone take you to dinner tonight? or have dinner at home? I just have dinner at home. I just cook food and Brian was so happy to eat the food I cook. He loves it where he always love my food or else what! LOL.

Book your next trip to

Being a travelers, we are always looking for cheap prices of plane tickets, hotels and car rentals. It helps with the budget and so we are able to come and visit in different places. The specializes for travelers who loves to visit amusement parks like Disneyworld, Disneyland and all other family theme parks which is listed on their site. Disney theme parks are my family's no. 1 top of the list of visiting every year. We love to come here over and over again. But to get there, we need air fare, hotels for 5 to 7 days stay and rental car. This way, the helps us to make our trip successful and give us a discount hotel reservations everytime you book from their site. On my next trip to any Disney theme parks I will visit and book our lodging to Mind you, traveling is fun eventhough we have two little ones.

How about visiting to Las Vegas or any places here in the USA. There are lot of things to do aside from theme parks. I love to go to Paris and see those beautiful architecture and travelhero. com help you with that in giving you a discounted hotels and car rentals. Be prepared of all the cost you are going to incurred in your trip. Plan it well.


I was really happy that Benjamin settle down and looking forward to play in the playground. I am so thankful for Rene, she is my new friend here in Japan. She is older than me but I like her. I just remembered Brian's Aunt when I look at her and I think that is why I like her. She is very nice lady and mind you! she loves to talk where I love to talk.

I called her about 9:35 and asked if she could take us to the playground that she was talking about. She offered us to take us there and I was so glad. We left here at about 10:22 where we catch the bus so there is no need for us to ride a cab which we pay for it. Bus is free. I love free stuff LOL.

Benjamin was enjoying to play in the playground, he was playing with Japanese kids and I am not sure how old are those kids. I bet they are 5 or 6 years old. Benjamin was playing with them eventhough they talk Japanese. I am not sure if Ben understand it. Benjamin was really happy that he finally play with other kids. He loves the ball and the next time we will be going there, we will bring a ball. So I will share photos here on my next post. I need to upload my pictures to my computer. CIAO!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Custom made jewelry for you from AJ's Jewelry store online

When I am looking at the jewelry store and look at those beautiful rings, necklaces and everything. I always wished into my mind that I just want to have a custom made jewelry which I design by myself. It has a sense of personal touch eventhough I did not make it by myself. There is a pride of myself that I design my own ring. Oh by the way, I can wear only rings and I am not wanting to wear necklaces because I always have an itch on my neck after I wear it. I am also sloppy to wear wrist jewelry. So then I am always fascinated with those jewelries that I could not wear. I just receive a custom made jewelry as an heirloom to my hubby's Aunt. She was giving me some beautiful jewelries and I wonder where did she got it. She live in Brooklyn, NY before and it might be she got it from AJ's Jewelry.

Most women are fascinated with jewelries and I think AJ's Jewelry is the best store to go when it comes to custom made jewelry. The owner will be pleased to see you. You better think what kind of stone you want for your rings, necklaces or earrings. I just love to acquire a big princess cut diamond- they said that diamond is forever. But I like you to come on their site, they have lots and lots of jewelry that you can look up either platinum, gold, diamond, titanium, sterling silver, children's jewelry, designer and many more.

If it happens that you can go to Ridgewood NY, don't forget to check this store AJ's Jewelry. Just pop on their site and look for driving directions.

Wallet lost

Brian called me this morning that his wallet was totally lost. He reported it last night and then he is hoping that one of his co-worker found it. But it never it never. He was asking me last night if I could do all the phone calls for cancelling our credit cards, debits, savings cards. Oh boy! we gonna be poor this time. He lost his government card too. I just could not believe it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Charleston Fishing Guide for outdoor young men and women

My husband and I were talking about fishing, he never been into fishing and I too. I kept wanting to learn fishing and catch that big fish in the ocean but right now we are here in Japan. As soon as we will be back in the US, I will be urging him to go for fishing. It is really a joy to catch a fish and cook it fresh from the ocean. Oh I know that the taste of the freshly caught fish taste so good that the one that we bought from the store that stayed in the freezer for weeks. I love to eat fish.

The Fly Right Charters is the right place to go if you love to have an adventure in the future by fishing. They offers a unique fishing adventures here at Charleston area, the fishing ground of Captain John Irwin.Just read their Charleston fishing report where you can see lots of things to do or idea. Captain John Irwin is a certified FFF casting instructor and he is teaching classes to the anglers. He loves to go adventure in the water and catch big fish. We can get a Charleston Fishing Guide from him and he is looking forward for his trip to Belize in May 2008. Prices is not bad at all. This is affordable and this is a great adventure for us all.Pls try to visit this site and you will be enjoying this outdoor activity. This is a great activity for couples. Don't forget to bring lunch when you are going to the water and spend half or full day. Prices depend of the time you want to spend in the water.

Friendship Day

I got this tagged from Janet my friend in Florida. Thanks Janet for giving me this. See you when we will be back in the US. Disneyworld is our favorite trips.

To anyone of my friends here, feel free to snag this tag award. Thanks!!!

Friendship Rose
Just like a rose,
so precious and rare,
is the forever friendship
the two of us share.
Planted with kindness,
it's warmed by the sun
of caring and sharing,
laughter and fun.
It's grounded in trust
and nurtured by love,
with a sprinkling of grace
from God up above.
Tears of sadness and joy,
like dew, renew this friendship
I share with you.
And in the heart's garden,
we find the room to be ourselves,
to grow and bloom.
A blessing of beauty unsurpassed,
our friendship's a flower
that will always last.

Monday, February 11, 2008

World Airlines

This photo was taken when we were at the plane. We are starting our journey to Japan. This is a great tours for all of us. Bear on me I will post photos here.

Found a place to live

Brian and I were so busy looking with the perfect place to live for three years here in Japan. We were considering to get a typical Japanese house but then we could not afford the stairs climbing up and down. It is very steep and it is dangerous for Mary. I love the second house that we saw because there is 3 rooms that is tatami mats. It is really Japanese.

The place we found is the apartment complex which is Japanese WEstern style place. There is no stairs and no worries for Mary that she fell down. It is three bedroom and has a tatami room for entertaining and of course with the kitchen, dining and has extra living room where we could put our sofa. The tatami room is where we are going to entertain our guests and the extra room where we put our computers for Brian, Ben and Mine. We put a space also for Mary. We can see the water in one corner and I just love it.

This place they called them Nobi and it is 20 minutes away from Brian's work by train. We are planning to get a car as soon as we are settle down. We are near at the market, the train station I think it is about 5 minutes walk and the public bus. Mostly Japanese walk and ride in a train or a public bus. Their gas is very expensive compared to American price. We were advised to get a gas inside the base or else we are paying a lot.

There are a lot of things that I see when I observing how the Japanese people live. I am very curious to know. This is where we started our Japan tours. I will post photos here. Thanks for coming and read my blog.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Find a college scholarships at

I was really curious of going back to school because I wanna learn different courses and start it over again. I found this site and I am thinking to ask help from them. They are helping students since 1998 to get grants for their college scholarships and it is really nice to get free money. Going to college is pretty expensive and you are lucky if you're parents have college fund for you but what about there is none. This is really hard for students wants to pursue their degree. You better try to learn about and they will help you finding a free money for college. They have lots of information on how to avail scholarship programs and go check them out. If you are curious just like me then try to visit their site.

House Hunting

Brian and I were started looking for different houses here in Japan last Thursday afternoon. We first went to the house which is the road is so narrow and it is scary to drive. Japan is a nice country, the people are nice too. Oh boy! the house that we first saw was really nice but the road is not ok with me to drive the car. It is very narrow and I don't like to walk in a very hilly road. That was our first choice with regards to the distance to the work of Brian but then I dislike the road. The agent was so nice but then she brought us this place which is scary road to drive lol. She brought us to the next one which is really Japanese style of home. I really like it but then our queen size bed does not fit to go upstairs. I just love that house but we are also considering the furnitures that we brought. We wished we did not bring our furniture. I just want to have a Japanese living room for entertainment our guest. I just love to have one. I know that Japanese people will appreciate my effort to make it. The tatami mats really impressed me how cool to have one in my own home in WA. The third house that we saw is nice, it was built 1987. It has a big kitchen but the hallway is so narrow and our sofas does not fit on it because it is kind of fat lol.. I just love the second house, it has 3 rooms that has tatami mats but I dislike the kitchen- it is on the old side. The sink is kind of dirty look and I am very particular with the kitchen look.There is another agent that brought us to their vacant apartments. I just like it, there is one tatami mats in a living room, and the rest are wood floors. Brian hate wood floor but we were talking of putting an area rug. Wood floors are cold during winter. Tomorrow Sunday, We are going to have another agent to meet but I am committed to this place. We brought Benjamin's power wheels so he can run his car going to the park. I just love the location because it is on the ground floor and there is no stairs. When we were looking to that 3 previous houses, Brian and I think right away that it is really dangerous for Mary that she gonna fell down on the stairs. That was our big concern. I just love this place anyways. It is a combination of a western and Japanese type of complex.

I was glad when Brian check our bank online, our cash advance is already there and we are going to use for the deposti, one month advance rent, agent fee and owner's fee. Oh boy! I think it will be totalled to more than 8 thou $. I am hoping that we don'thave any problem with the pay for our rent. It is hard for us this time because we still paying our 2 cars eventhough it is on consignment right now.. got to go.. CIAO

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cents for keeping in touch using calling cards at GetMeCallingCards

Keeping in touch to our family living anywhere in the world is the best thing that our family ties are always tied up. I always use calling cards to call my family in the Philippines. How do you find of getting a very cheap calling cards that we can get at

Since we will be staying here in Japan for quiete a long time. I was asking my friends back in WA to call me and that way we did not loose our contacts. Keeping in touch is a one way of keeping updates to the lives of an individual. When I was visiting to this site and I was really surprised that there is phone card company charge nothing in calling to Japan from the USA. Some charges few cents but it was not bad at all. I will let my friends know that there is cheap calling cards that we can get over the internet. There is no hidden charges, no connection fee which is really a great deal.