Monday, January 28, 2008

Dinner at Amelia Lytle's house

Amelia is my very good friend of mine, my neighbor and a second mother to my two kids, Ben and Mary. She is their Godmother. I was so glad to have a friend like her and I could not asked for more. She is always be there when I need help. She is a big help with our move to Japan.

Tonight, she invited us for a dinner in her house. She was preparing lots of food and I did not bother to bring any food because I know she cook a lot. She can feed the whole town. She invited Tessie, Tom and Zack and so with Ate Fely and her husband Greg. Mary Angel, her daughter was there too and we had a little chat about blogging. She is a great kid and I am praying for her success in life. She deserves to be praise!

Brian and I were three minutes late LOL, we got there late because we took care some paperworks for our renters. This is an overwhelming situation. The last thing that we gonna do is to clean the car and put it at the consignment auto sales here in Belfair. Tom-Tessie's hubby was interested to buy Brian's car and Amelia was talking about that her mother-in-law might be buying my car. I hope this may works well... Lord you will be the one knows how this things going on tomorrow.

Well, we had a wonderful dinner with them. Oh I forgot, Tessie's nephew was there too Randy. We were having lots of fun laughing and talking. Brian enjoyed and so do I. Benjamin were enjoying playing with Zack and to Mary Angel. Mary Angel even read a book to my Mary C. It is really cute that Mary C. sitting on Mary A's lap. Benjamin never done like that to anyone when he was on her age.

I saw Mary A that she was preparing herself to leave and asked her who will take her to the ferry terminal. Amelia's was gonna take Mary but when I look up the time it was 8pm and I think it is time for us to go. I asked Brian to take Mary A to the ferry terminal and let Amelia rest. We need to give Amelia and John a place of solitaire before they went to bed. So we need to get out LOL.

Thanks Amelia for your hospitality and your friendship. We love you!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Real Estate University

It's been awhile that I was offline because of our move to Japan. I was checking this site and they are featured at Business Home Magazine. This magazine company featured one company every month and it is really cool to be featured. We can buy this magazine at Barnes and Noble, Staples, Borders, Hastings and more. Try to look at this magazine and actually I am going to go to mall today and look at this.

I was interested in real estate classes and Nouveau Riche University is a real estate investment college that offered classes for short sales, wholesaling, foreclosures, buying and holding, lease options, tax strategies and many more. I am looking into real estate business because real estate agent make good money. My husband loves to be in real estate business when he retired but then he wanted me to start before he retired. Why you not try to check the link that I provided above and find classes that fits your needs for earning extra income. It is really cool to think that at the age of 50, you are living in a savings to survive. You do not need to work so much.

Better Feeling

Its been three weeks now that I did not had any good sleep and rest. Brian and I were too tired to deal with those old stuff that needs to go.

Yesterday, we were talking of doing some stuff at home but when we got there. Melissa and Mike and their friends and family came and brought their stuff. I got upset a bit because they are on our way. I was just wanna clean windows and bring to the dumpster our old stuff that needs to throw. I never thought that they move in their stuff that day. It was Saturday and I just don't wanna... I will let them know that I am not happy that they move in on the Sabbath Day. I was looking forward to see them at church and have fellowship but they were not there. They are working on Saturday. Well, it is my fault maybe because I did not warned them not to move in on Sabbath. I wished I did tell them.

Well, since they are on our way. Melissa agreed to finish the cleaning that I started. Mike promised to gather all the stuff at the backyard and throw it in the garbage. Well, Barb- their parent said. It is okey because we rented them cheap. How could you get a 3-bedroom house with a big backyard for 600 dollars? You can't! Even renting in an apartment is about 750$ oh well.. this is a kind of helping them and they won't stay their long anyways..

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Make a trip to New York and use dial a flight dot com to book your flight

I have lots of friends living in UK and wanted to visit here in the US. I will ask them to check flight to New York because they have cheap and discounted fare when you book from They have list of flight here in the USA that you can go. I just love the Orlando flights LOL. My family love to visit there and if you wanna see our travels there in Orlando just click this link.

Travelling to New York is pretty cool, we can see lots of attractions that meant to our life and you can say to yourselves. WOW! I've been there. The famous one is going up to Liberty statue. You better plan to next vacation for holidays or anytime of the year. Attractions are changing and even their decorations.

Movers came

Two guys came yesterday and they started pack our stuff for storing here in Bremerton. I asked them where they are going to store our stuff but it is in Bremerton. I just love the people came because they are so nice people. Well it is their bread and butter LOL.

Brian and I were extremely tired this few days, we were busy sorting stuff that going to storage and thrown into the garbage. I think this move is a blessing for us. We just had time to get away with this house and look for our stuff that needs to go. Why should we hang on on those stuff which we won't use it anymore. It is really cool feeling that our stuff is getting smaller... oh boy! the junks LOL.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Protect your connection by using the Pragma Systems

Many corporation today is suffering from the threat over the to the hackers around the world and the Pragma Systems will be providing you a secure, fast, scalable and reliable solution for your Telnet server and ssh connectivity. They are capable in running windows longhorn/vista/2003/2000/XP. This products being reviewed by software digest. If you think you need more secure in your office or in your business then feel free to visit the site that I have link to their site. They will give you a products that make you a problem free.

Friday, January 18, 2008

My NikonD40X photo outcome

I just love my new is my cutie daughter photo... I love this:

Gotta excited

Hubby called before he comes home and asked if I need anything from the store. I am so excited that he will be home soon. I just don't know why but I just did. Mary was quiet upset at Ben because he put her down on the floor. She was enjoying eating cupcake but then Benjamin does not want her to have a bite from his cupcake. Sometimes Benjamin treating roughly to Mary but when I said that we will be leaving Mary in my friend's house. He won't let me. He is upset and I know that he loves his sister. And now he kept saying Mary! and grabbed her to keep her away from his toys. What a kid?

A bank that you can trust Northern Trust

I was looking a bank that serves internationally because we will be moving to Japan and stay there for three years and then come back here in WA state after my hubby contract job end. I found that Northern Trust has one branch in Tokyo area and we live pretty much 2-hours away from Tokyo.

The Northern Trust is a business and private banking which delivers a full banking services from checking, savings, mortgages, loans and line of credit, and home equity loans. You can access your account anytime of the day by logging in at their secured website. If you are away from your internet, you can use also their automated phone banking services to check your account information through telephone. You can visit them at their local office and their friendly staff will assist you for the services you are acquiring from them. There is one location I knew, it is an hour away from my house. Not bad at all.

Got sick yesterday and feel better today

I just could not imagine that I got sick. I have bad headache yesterday and I did not even got a chance to do my blogging. I have lots of things to post but then I felt rotten. I kept drinking lots of water to keep me dehydrated while Mary was not doing well also. She let me nurse her a lot yesterday.
For the last couple of days, since the moving company came and pack our stuff. Their marker has a strong smell and it trigger with my sense of smelling. My nose got irritated with the smell. I suspected that I am gonna get sick with this smell.. I never thought about it..but HEY! I got sick.

Wholesaler and retailer of CD and DVD media products at Supermedia store

I always have a DVD and CD media on hand because I love to make movies for my photo slideshow. I have thousands of photos available in my hard drive and I just could not afford to print those pictures and give to my family. I am looking with the cost of the photo prints and the DVD media and I found out that it is cheaper to make a photoslideshow. I made one movie already and having a CD duplicator software made it easy for me to make lots of copies to the movies I made.

I am looking for buying more media and offered a very low prices for blank DVDs, CDs and more. They have also blu-ray disc. Many computer burners right now burned blu-ray disc. You better check the link that I provided for more savings.

Making Movies for my travel photos

I made movies already for my travel to FL. I have thousands of photos available in my hard drive and I need to send photslideshow to my families. I do not need to print my photos. It is very expensive that way. Making movies was very cheaper then. You better check my categories I made here in my blog- shopping. If you wanna buy media.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Affordable dancewear and dance uniforms at

I was used to of wearing dancewear for my elective dance courses. If I knew that this website that I am looking right now then I will ask my teacher to order dance uniform from I just like the selections of tights they have in their store online. I will order new tights from their website . eventhough I am not in a dance club anymore. It is really cool to wear while I am doing my exercise at home. They sell a large variety of dancewear uniforms from tops, bottoms, costumes, knitwear, tights and many more. If you have dance recitals then don't hesitate to visit this website and you will be enjoying shopping in here. They satisfy their customers for over 25 years and it is guaranteed that their products are a good quality.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Major move for our stuff to Japan

I was offline yesterday and today, movers came to my house yesterday and packed our stuff for Japan. Our stuff will be there on March 10th and Brian and I were not sure if we will have a place to stay that time when we will be in Japan. I just could not imagine if we will be there. I am hoping that everything will be fine.

It was really nice of Brian because he was asking his boss if we could take a leave so he can help me sorting of the stuff that needs to go. It was really tiring, we woke up 4am and then start sorting. Good thing, Mary sleep and I think she woke up about 7am.. I was a bit happy though.

Monday, January 14, 2008

An All Star Vacation Homes at the vicinity of Disneyworld FL

My husband and I love to visit Disneyworld in Orlando and I am inviting you to look at the site that I found here in the web. The Orlando vacation rentals home are the best options for vacationers in finding a place to stay. It was really funny because everytime we will be there in Disneyworld, it seemed that I don't have time to stay in our resort and play. We were always be in the park walking and get tired.

As a way of relaxing thing, why not checking All Star Vacation Homes for a place to stay. I just love the vacation homes that they feautred on their website. I love to have pool spa and have a private pool. Amenities are really cool

Express Shipment for Japan

Two guys came over today in my house and they packed our stuff for Japan. It is an express shipment and our stuff will be there on the 19th of FEbruary. Brian and I were so busy last night, putting our stuff out for the shipment. I was extremely tired and I was hoping that Mary will be sleeping through so it is so easy for me to deal with them.

There are some stuff were they did not packed because I forgot to tell them. Brian was a bit upset at me when he got home from work that I did forgot some of the stuff. I was tired and then here he is- barking me! My tears fell on my eyes and I was really crying. I just could not imagined that hubby barked at me and I woke up early and I was dealing with Mary. Mary kept crying if I tried to leave her just a little bit. Oh boy! oh boy!

Hunger for flame grilled chicken from El Pollo Loco-

There were many times that we traveled down to California and we would never skipping not to eat at El Pollo Loco. I just remembered how tasty and juicy was their chicken and we are wishing that there is here in WA. The citrus-marinated chicken is so good and yummy and I just could not figured it out how they do the recipe for their marinade. I love the yummy tasty grilling chicken at El Pollo Loco. If you are traveling down to CA and you can see their restaurant, feel to come in and order your fresh grilled chicken from the grill.

Its my birthday today

Hello Betty! Happy birthday. May God bless you and your family with safe trip and God will go ahead of you. Missing you my friend. From Helen Aliponga-she is my friend in college

Hi Betty! Happy Birthday and many more to come. Stay healthy and happy. I pray for your safe trip to Japan and may you find as many friends as you have here in the US. lots of love to you and the kids...keep in touch! - From Luisa Hendrickson

Happy birthday betty...happy birthday betty hapy birthday happy birthday......happy birthday to you... how old are you now? heheheheh .. dai you have more bdays to come ,good health and happy family..god bless u and your family.. Ruthia

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Myspace Happy Birthday Comments & Graphics - The place for myspace comments, glitters, graphics, backgrounds and codes
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Its my birthday today

I was so happy my families and friends send greetings and wishes on my birthday.. Thanks guys! myspace graphic comments
Happy Birthday myspace graphic comments
Happy Birthday myspace graphic comments
Happy Birthday

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Book your Alaska cruises and tours at

Brian and I like to cruise in Alaska but then before we could not afford it of all the expenses we made in the past. It is always in our desire to do it in the future. If you awant to indulge in cruising in Alska as your next vacation, just don't forget to include Alaska cruise tour and I know the experience is so awesome. We can get an excursion in every ports of call. Wow! The scenery of this wonderful place is so stunning and has a breathtaking experiences. The offers you variety of cruise lines that you can book your next pleasure trip like Carnival, Norwegian,
Princess, Royal Caribbean and the Alaska cruise premium lines like Celebrity and Holland America. It is not uncommon to see whales in the water. I just love to see the flapping tales of that whales. Seeing the nature is what I love. You better check the link that I provided above and check travelstoreusa online and or else give a call to their Alaska tour experts for more information and tips. Have a happy vacation.

Ben was funny

Mary was playing with her Dad tapping Brian's lap and said bah..bah.. and Ben came over and said Stop fighting LOL. He is just a funny boy. If Brian and I are talking and we had a loud voice. He said to us STOP! He thought that we were fighting and we gave him abig LAUGH! That's why it is not good if we let our kids heard that we are arguing or fighting. They knew!

Affordable health insurance at

It is not good if we don't have health insurance because we pay too much if we are admitted to the hospital or make an appointment to the doctor. Yes we are healthy but then there are times that we are sick because you found any health symptoms. The provides an affordable health insurance in North Carolina and using their services is pretty cool. Eventhough you live in other states, you can still get a quotes from them. They offered individual or family health insurance, for small business group and many more. Get a free quotes now and you can browse rates online at your convenient time. You can give them a call 1800-831-3270.

Bake cookies

Last Christmas I was baking cookies for our friends and I love to do that. This was my third year of baking of cookies. I found that it is really cool and I love baking right now. It grows on me. Here is the recipe that I bake it already. I love to share it to you. I will assure you that it is really good.

This was my first time that I bake cookies that we gave as gift to friends. Look at my photos

I will share the recipe for Mexican wedding cookies, did you see in the photo the crescent shape of cookies. That is mexican wedding cookies. The preparation was rated as medium.

1 cup unsalted butter, at room temperature
1/2 cup confectioners' sugar, plus more for coating baked cookies
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting hands
1 cup pecans, chopped into very small pieces
Instructions: Preheat the oven to 275 degrees F. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper. Using an electric mixer, cream the butter and sugar at low speed until smooth. Beat in the vanilla. At low speed gradually add the flour. Mix in the pecans with a spatula. With floured hands, take out about 1 tablespoon of dough and shape into a crescent. Continue to dust hands with flour as you make more cookies. Place onto prepared cookie sheets. Bake for 40 minutes. When cool enough to handle but still warm, roll in additional confectioners' sugar. Cool on wire racks.

Brian got a recipe from food network which was emailed to him. I made this cookies for the last three years. I just love this cookies, it is yummy!

Move internationally and get a quotes at

Moving is somewhat panicking especially that you decided not to take everything you have at home. It is easier if the movers pack everything. Just like us this time, we are moving to Japan but we did not use the services because my husband's company was the one paying all the expenses. We are not the one who choose the moving company but doing an international moving is pretty overwhelming. We are going to use three companies for moving all our stuff here at home. This coming Monday they are going to pack our stuff that send in express shipping and the major packing for Japan is the next day. Right now, we are busy sorting our stuff. The stuff that go with us and the stuff that stay at the storage here in Bremerton. I am not sure where is that storage but I think it is in Bremerton.

Right here at, you can get a free quotes for all the household goods that you are going to move internationally. They even have guide for the countries that you are going to. They are going to assist you in your relocation process. If your appliance will be useful in other countries. You are going to decide what to bring or not or else you are not gonna use your appliance there. I just wished they used they same voltage all over the world. Oh well, business thing.

There is also another site that I saw the They are also assisting your move internationally but then they will help you with all the stuff that you needed. If you are not ready to throw your old stuff and wanted to get a storage while you are away for 2 or 3 years then they will assist you with that. Have you been wondering if you can bring your car? The provides you a free quotes of how much is the cost to bring your car to your new country. But then there are some countries that it is better to use their public transportation. They have plenty of guides that you can read and it is better if you understands all their services that they are serving to you.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cirque de la Mer at Sea World San Diego

When we saw that the circus show is almost halway done, Benjamin and I hurriedly going inside. Benjamin just love it. After the show, I did not expect that there is a lady in a circus taking photos with the guests. Benjamin saw it and he walk towards there. I just followed him where he go and here he is:

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Mary's first words

It was really funny because Brian and I does not like Dora and Mary's first word is "Bakpack". She received a gift from her birthday that Dora backpack that sing - Backpack, backpack..something that line. Mary immitated the word backpack. It ends up that that it was her first words.. Today I just finally understand her words- Dora, boots and she is pointing the slipper. It is really amazing how the kids growing and their developments. Why the calf or a baby foal stand up after they were born? Why babies are not like that? It is really amazing how God created us, how our brain developed in a span of time from talking and everything...