Saturday, March 19, 2016

Be Patient With Me Oh Lord

Be Patient With Me
Written and arranged by Pastor Doug Bachelor

C G7 F G7
Be patient with me I pray Oh Lord,
C G Dm G7
Till your holy image is in me restored.
F C Dm C
Sometimes I’m distracted by earthly reward
C7 F Em Dm G7
And Your whispering Spirit is rudely ignored
F C E7 Am
Still, you are the one that I truly adore
F G7 Em Am
Be patient with me Oh Lord, I pray
Be patient with me Oh Lord
(Verse 2)
C G7 F G7
Be patient with me I pray Oh Lord,
C G Dm G7
My debt is much greater than I can afford
F C Dm C
I trust in the treasure of mercy you store
C7 F Em Dm G7
where your love and kindness liberally pour
F C E7 Am
Till my heart and thy heart are in one accord
F G7 Em Am
Be patient with me Oh Lord, I pray
C G7 C
Be patient with me Oh Lord

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Friday, February 19, 2016



  • 1 cup rice, uncooked
  • 1/2 cup mongo
  • sugar
  • water
  • oil, for deep frying
Cooking Procedures :
  1. Soak rice overnight in water, then grind.  Wrap in cheesecloth and hang to drip.  On the other hand, boil mongo and mash.
  2. Dissolve 1/3 cup sugar in 1/8 cupwater, then add mixture to mashed mongo.  Cook over medium heat until dry.  Allow to cool, then shape into small balls.  Set aside.
  3. Dissolve 2 tbsp. sugar in 2 tbsp. water.  Add to dry ground rice.  Mash and form into small balls.
  4. Flatten each ball of rice dough, and spread out thinly.  Place ball of mongo on top of rice dough, then carefully wrap to form into a shape of ball.
  5. Fry in deep medium-high oil until golden brown.  Serve and enjoy!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Gospel of Jesus Christ

Our speaker today is Dr Ray Foster and we were so blessed in listening the message of God. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Got flu

I got sick since Thursday. I thought that my sore throat is associated when I was scolding the kids and spend lots of talking to them. They were misbehaving! I am not tolerating it. They are not using any electronics after 8pm. I have enough and I told them that when I was a kid we always sleep around 7 or 8pm and wake up early cause we have chores in the morning before going to school. Since they are in home learning, I expect them that when they woke up- they eat, clean and change clothes and be at the school room at 8. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hop to pier south hotel in marriot in imperial beach

Hotel hopping is much easier if you pack light and that is what really did. Oh not me! Cause I pack more than that I need. 

We left at legoland park around 2pm, and drove to imperial beach.

We really need to get a gas - not running of fumes yet but almost lol. We has up here at shell, price is not too bad 4.17 per gallon 

And we grab some lunch too- 

Now we are eating lol

We are going to finally head to imperial beach and planned to have dinner with Denina and her family.

We are finally here inside the room. We run problems with our credit cards as marriot tried to charge(not really charge big amount -just about 50$ on hold), we used points in staying here. My bank decided that marriot is a fraud ha ha ha... We called the bank and fix it lol

I really love the ocean view

Oh yeah

Spending time in legoland

Legoland is the highlight of our road trip down to CA and then hit to Phoenix and visit Brian's mom and sister. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

1st day at Legoland 6/16/14

The day passed by so fast. We started our day early. Waking up the kids and eat some breakfast. We drove from Riveira oaks resorts in Ramona. We got here at legoland around 905 and did our check in at the hotel. We got our VIP bracelet which gives us an early pass to the park.

Awesome! Our friend Hiroyo and her kids Kaito and Ria joined us. They are our friends in Japan and so glad to see them again. The kids were reluctant at first to talk to each other but then all change 

Friday, June 13, 2014

2nd Day of the trip

We are dragging ourselves in waking up. Blame this to myself :(

Our day started pretty much not early though but it is ok

Does anyone need a bathroom? No! Lol

We are now heading to Oregon states Capitol as our first stop on this long leg of driving :)

This is cool

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Our first mystery road trip

Being a parent is so hard, always trying to think what is best for the kids and I feel frustrated of giving directions/instructions of what are things that we can and or can not do during the Sabbath day. 

My children loves to play video games, watching YouTube video in episodes and or I will just say doing or engaging some worldly things. They are always looking forward to do those stuff on their free time.

As a parent, I am accountable to this to God and to their relationship to God. I really need help and of what to do and what are things that needed to do. 

This moment, I am imagining myself of how the kids react on this especially that we are going to keep the Sabbath from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. I just started to cut out of what they used to do and I feel frustrated and a bit angry to myself. Why I did not do this when they are little and not know how to give reason and or even fight back. I guess I am not too late to engage this and being their thoughts, mind and heart to God. 

The view in our driving is not changing- still rainy and the side of the road has plenty of trees .

 I feel that on the day of the Sabbath we are going to praise God and exalt His Name. 

I am praying go 

Pastor Doug Bing

He have a story about the birds trying to eat the snakes

In the beginning, the snakes has wings but because of the sin got introduce into this world. The sin clipped the wings. 

Moses wings were clipped and what he can do is to climb the mountain and see the promise land. He knew it is there but because he sinned and he could not come to this promised land.

Wealth: is there something wrong about wealth? Is this can interfere between the relation between you and God. 

Struggles because of so many things- addiction

We are like snakes sometimes and the devil will poop and poop by clipping our wings 

Our brethren here at church

The sin clipped our wings

Gen 3:15 

The devil should be destroyed because the devil wanted to detroy us by sin. 

Isaiah 40: 28-31 our scripture reading. 

We just want to have wings like an eagles and the only thing that We can get when We are walking with God. God can restore our wings through Jesus. 

Story about the disciples that their wings got cut but Jesus restored it 

Jesus giving us a window of Christianity. 

Isaiah 53:12

We have an ability to be back with God. He came to restore peace and 

What is our church look like ? 
- church is a place where people can have their wings back. 

Acts 2:1-2- the day of Pentecost 
-many people can get their wings back...The Churh is using their gifts - pastor Doug story is about his life living abroad. 

Is a daily walking with God, a daily food it is like a food that we take every day.

We need to be there to give the wings back to the person that needed it. The sinned clipped our wings. We have the wings when we walk with Jesus. 

It is time to evaluate our lives where we at. God wants our wings back and flu freely like a little child- that does not care 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stung by WASP!

I just had  an interesting and painful day today. I went outside this morning and take care of my few vegetables standing in my yard. While I am grabbing the cubes next to the fence. I just noticed a pain in my toes and it was a wasp stinging me. I wiped it off and it stung me near to my eyes. I was screaming and running inside the house.

I was nervous though and I called Brian  asking help of what I am going to do for home treatment. But while I am talking to him. I am also googling and look some info. Oh I am so thankful to God that I am not allergic and or else I will end up of going to the hospital. I scraped using a card to where the wasp stung just to make it sure that there is nothing left. Applied vinegar, baking soda and ice compress.

Helpful information I found in the internet found it here.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

This photo

I just saw this photo to one of the facebook page and it is pretty funny though:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flourless Brownies

I was so intrigued to a blogger that she baked brownies without flour. How could this be? I am also interested in making my almond butter and even almond milk. I am trying to eat healthy and I am hoping that my husband and the kids will join in me. The woman who made this flourless brownies, she has diabetes and since diabetes runs in my blood then I will try myself to prevent this disease. First I made my own almond butter but I think I dont like the idea of putting coconut in it. I don't like the texture and since my kids are very particular with texture so maybe I will try to make just only almonds. I remembered when I was a kid that we made our own peanut butter and we put an oil in it.