Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Bought a new ice cream maker

I was delighted when Brian thought of buying a new ice cream maker. I was really excited to make one. Last week, we started to make one but I thought Brian did not follow the directions that supposed all the ingredients should be chilled. So, today we had a second attempt of making ice cream- This time all the ingredients were chilled and the canister is also frozen for about 24 hours. Brian just wanted to make it sure that he did it right.

Well, Brian requested to have a light dinner tonight. It is a grilled cheese sandwich. After I made it, I asked him to start running his ice cream maker so when we done eating, the ice cream is ready to serve too. Benjamin was so excited to see the output and he even skip dinner. I am not worried anyways because he was eating almost all afternoon- when he got home from school.

So so so excited then. Brian check the machine and it is still on wet side and not fluffy or very creamy- you know ice cream like. Boy! Brian decided to extend another 10 minutes just to make it sure that it needs more time... still the texture still the same. Never change the consistency. It was a bum! Can you think of an ice cream that supposed to be like this? Stinks! I asked Brian to return the ice cream maker. We were disappointed. I am not recommending to buy this brand "Denis" Gosh! stinks!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Brian got sick again

I just could not believe Brian is always got a problem on his stomach. He has diarrhea for almost 4 days now. I hope he will feel better today. I was giving him food without any oil ... possible! Just to keep his stomach settled. I know oil will trigger. Me and kids were just fine. He was sick starting Saturday morning but he still have the eagerness to bring us to Aquarium. We planned not to go to church that day but we wanna see the beauty of Gods creation.

When we were there at the aquarium, he looks pale. I wanted him to bring to the hospital but he refused. All Sunday, he kept going to the toilet. I offered to go to the base and buy something to alleviate his diarrhea but again he refused. This man is a stubborn man. The next time he will be sick and refuse. I will give him a spank... Yesterday, he called his boss Phil not to go to work. I feel bad though because Monday is a busy for his workplace. I am glad that he feels better after taking imodium last night. If I did not insisted to buy stuff for him then I am sure he still sick today. I hope the toilet at work won't love him LOL...

Ben is a bit improving

Ben went to his art class yesterday. Boy! he draws a person which is looking up at the bamboo... wow! I love it when Ben doing it. He said, that is his Mom and him. I wished he would include his Dad and Mary on his drawing. I am always his subject.

Ben's performance at school

Wow! I could not believe it that Benjamin kind of understand his teacher. His teacher is extremely talking in Nihonggo. There is no english but he understands and laugh. We were invited to observe the students and what they are doing. It is a PE class so the kids where so excited and noisy. They were playing like throwing balls- it is a very soft ball and were so excited and active. There two teachers were there too assisting. I am not sure if they are assisting if we are not there.

After the class, they move the kids to their room and let them change their regular uniforms. I was quite happy of Benjamin's performance at school. I know he is a smart kid. When we do classes at home, he answered all his workbook perfectly. I am so proud with my son.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

New Dirt Devil cordless stick and handheld vac

I heard lots of different types of vacuums and how things works but there is a new develop vacuum and they called it Energy Star which means it saves lots of energy. I was looking for the vacuum that is energy efficient and has a high performance. This news made me happy.

The Dirt Devil vacuum company is not new to us. They are around for decades and prove that their products are good and efficient. They never stop in developing new products for their consumer's satisfaction. Right now, they are launching a new products which is handheld and stick vacuum, it is an energy saver vacuum. I was really amazed with the video that I saw; lets go green and go clean. This is their new slogan for launching this new products. You do not need a bag because it is bag less. Just damp the dust into your trash can and viola! you are good to go. One thing for saving the nature.  The best thing that I love it because it is cordless and you never experience in tangling with the cords. The best feature that I love is that the charger will automatically shut off when the battery is fully charge. It helps with the life of the battery that stays long and not wanting to buy a new one right after many uses. 

If you like to save money and time then this is the products that you are looking for. I am a person that does not like dust because it made me sneeze too much. This is the best product for me. Looking with the other company and comparing the price and the features of the products. All I can say - just visit the link that I provided it here and prove to you of what I said.  You better look for a product that can save you energy bill and it also helps with our environment.


Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge