Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Is childbirth affect your relationship to your partner?

This is a big question to my mind before I conceive my first baby but then we wanted to have our fruit of love. My husband never cared of how I look like but then I am so conscious to my looks of my body. I just had a c-section surgery so then I am not worrying about laser vaginal rejuvenation which some women do have vaginal delivery.

As a woman, we have some issues to deal with which we could not stand but we need some money to deal with. I just found this site and (before you visit the link that I provided it here. Pls be assure that you are mature enough. Do not be curious.) they have a new wave of plastic surgery and I think you are thinking a surgery for your face. This is really different. Dr Miklos and Dr Moore are experts with this laser vaginal rejuvenation surgery. They were known as an international surgeons here in at Atlanta to the 23 countries and to the 46 states. It is a renovation to the women private parts. I heard this before but it is very expensive to get it done. But if you need some information about this new wave of plastic surgery for women then visit the link above.

The early bird

I was falling asleep last night and I did not even clean my kitchen. I woke up at 1am this morning and viola! Kitchen still dirty. I went to do my personal thing and I asked Benjamin to go potty or else his bed will be flooding. If I woke up early morning and go to the toilet. I kept bringing Benjamin or sometimes Brian do. He peed in his bed many times and I think he got embarassed. I am not sure if he did but I think he did.

Newest Rap Hip Hop music artist

I was looking for sites that featured different new or local artist and I am so grateful to see this new rap artist website. Go take a look of this site and believe me. They featured different artist. Pls visit the site and register it for free. They have forums that you can visit too.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Woke up late

Benjamin and Mary kept bugging me last night. They did not want to sleep. Mary wanted to play more and so Benjamin. Mary took a nap late afternoon and Benjamin never but he still keep going on. He has still lots of energy to burn.

Kids are amazing and if they are very tired they will just sleep wherever they are.

Ultimate paintball supplies

I heard about paintball before but I never got a chance to explore those kind of stuff. Maybe because my hubby's hobby is computer games and nobody's dragging me. I met a lady few weeks ago and this is their kind of hobby with her husband a paintball gun. I seen her photos while wearing her paintball gear and she said it was fun. Boy! it is really cool- she looks cute on her outfit.

I will mention this site to her that she can get a cheap paintball guns at website. I know this may excite her knowing that I have a little interest in knowing about paintball guns and its accessories. This store has top selling guns. Go take a look with this line of products available on their online store like Tipmann, Spyder, Smart Parts, Dye, Empire, Daxxus paintball gear.

Crop get together

I have 5 ladies came to my crop get together here in the house. I was overwhelm. I never got a chance to make pages. Gloria has tons of stuff. She almost brought her entire tools but as Rene' said that was a quarter of it. I just could not imagine.

Everything went well....

Sunday, March 23, 2008 help you find an extra income

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If my friend did not urge me to join this blog money making then I am not earning money while I am staying at home watching with my little ones. MY husband is not willing to let somebody raise our kids but it should be the mother who will be the first teacher of the kids. If I let my kids stay in the daycare so then I cannot watch them growing. I can't wait for them to grow but as others said. Enjoy your kids while they are still young because when they grow old. It is really big different. I think they are perfectly right.

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Settle down a bit

I am so glad that I finally settled down with my internet connections. I really feel bad that I did not get any chance of doing my thing online. Blogging made me happy because I can earn money.

Tomorrow, I will be having fun with my friends here. We will be having a get together for our hobby-Scrapbooking. I was signing up last week as a preferred customer consultant in creative memories. I am so excited to get my kit to start my new business again. Brian did not oppose me that I was signing up. He knew that there is nothing I can do here aside from buying our stuff back home. If I order my stuff, I spend more than dollars and so then. It is better to be a consultant and I have a little money back.

I hope everything will be great tomorrow. CIAO

Free Multiplayer Online Games

My hubby is always try new games online and he saw this site multiplayer online games. This is a free registration and all you need is valid email address. It is cool to try new online games. My son loves the race cars and he wanna try this new racing game. He loves cars and always fascinated. You might be interested in strategy war game where you were fighting in a battle with other thousands of players. You can meet online friends in this way. When I was playing an online game before, I made lots of new friends all over the world. Too bad I stop because I was pregnant and did not have time to start it over again. I only watch my hubby playing and I enjoyed it.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Trip to US Embassy

I was procastinating in filing up my application forms for my passport and today we are going to go to Tokyo for filing my tourist passport. Our printer got broken, the paper loader does not load the paper properly. It printed but it is crampled. I was a bit upset by it but most got upset was Brian. He was blaming of not doing the filing up the forms so he can print it at work. I was doing laundry early this morning and I cook food for our breakfast. Brian was annoyed by all we got.

We ate our breakfast quick, Benjamin was so demanding by asking his chocomilk and so Mary. Oh boy! this kids is getting worst in demanding us stuff. If we got busy then they were got busy asking us some stuff. I think that is the rule of thumb.

Brian and I finally quit trying to use our printer. He was trying to clean the loader but then still not working. I called my friend Gigi Guerero and she was so nice to let us use her printer and print couple pages for my passport application.

Everything was going crazy and it is getting late and we just don't want to hit the rush hour in Tokyo. So we decided to get lunch and then after that head to Yokosuka Chou Station.

Brian and I were so funny when we got there at Shinagawa. We both trying to figure out the directions we got from the MWR on how to get to Embassy. Boy! this is not gonna be fun. The time is running. We get on on the train twice and decided to get off because we thought it is not the right train and I think we are right. We rode in a green kanji train finally and just to make it sure. I asked the lady next to me if the train stop at Shimbashi station. The lady was not so sure and she get her train schedule but then the lady next to her. She was more knowledgeable and she said. I will let you know when we got there at the station. You know it is really amazing because when I was looking at her, she was so busy doing something on her cellphone maybe texting or browsing on on the internet. But when we got to the station, she told me right away that this is the station to get off in Shimbashi. By being polite, I told her arigato and say goodbye. They are paying attention and I know they are clever people. I like them.

So, Brian and I tried to figure it out again on how to get to Tameike-sanno station using Ginza Line at the subway line. Boy! Brian is so funny but then we need two people to figure everything out. I told to Brian to follow the Ginza arrow and we did it right. Brian also figured it out. But there are times that made us crazy in our trip. Benjamin is always curious of everything. He wanted to see what other people doing, he is a curious kid! I just could not believe how the train be on time on their schedule. Whether you are in or out, they will close the door without any hesitation. Time is running.

So then we got to the station and then we head out and find the right way to US EMbassy. It is really great how everything went. When we got to the office, they were almost close 15 minutes still to spare. I asked Brian to get a number while I was putting all my stuff at the chair and let Mary sit down. It was so cool because there were few people left on the waiting area. They called us right away as soon as Brian took a number from the outside at the waiting. Brian was so scrambling his stuff and took it out my documents. The lady was so helpful. The stuff we did in the morning that we were upset for our printer. We end up of throwing my application form because we filled up the wrong form. So, Brian filled started filling up but then he realized that we need to pay the passport fee before the window close. He asked me to finish filling up but then he still finished it. My husband had lots of adrenalin than me. Eveything went well for all of us.

We hurriedly back to the train station and head back home. Benjamin was getting tired of walking and I carried him on my back. I just could not imagine what the Japanese people was saying. Maybe they thought there was a monkey clinging on my back LOL. Brian pushed the stroller. Oh boy! our trip was all quick and tiring. We never got a chance to see Tokyo. I only see tall tower building side by side. It is better that way or else we will hit the rish hour and it is so hard for the kids to get on on the train. I am so afraid that our kids gonna be crushed. We got back at Yokosuka Chou atg around 6PM and we will be trying to eat dinner at the REstaurant park. It is an up floor on the train station. Boy! it took so long to wait and we were all hungry. We decided to go back on the base and eat dinner at sbarro. It is fastfood and it is Italian. We wanted to eat pizza and be a pig for our dinner LOL. We were all hungry and never got a chance to grab anything in our wayback. The kids were fighting with the raisins. Poor kids!

We were back safely at home even all the rains that hit us so hard.....

Till next time.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Japan travel information


The yen(¥) is the Japanese currency. There are 4 types of notes and 6 different coins in circulation. The bills are in 10.000yen; 5000yen; and 1000yen denominations; and the coins are 1yen; 5yen; 10yen; 50yen; 100yen and 500yen. You can convert foreign currency at any bank; hotel or tourist facility that displays an "Authorized Money Exchanger" sign.

Credit Cards

All major credit cards such as American Express; Visa; Mastercard and Diners Club are accepted at all major hotels; restaurants and tourist facilities. Japan is still a cash based society; so you need to be aware that quite a lot of small restaurants and shops don't take credit card; particularly outside of the big cities.

Traveler's Checks

Only major tourist facilities and department stores accept traveler's checks. It is advised that you exchange them for yen at banks hotels and other exchange facilities.


Tipping is not customary in Japan; so do not feel obliged to.
Hotels and major restaurants will usually add a 10-15% service charge to your bill.


A jacket or sweater would be enough in the spring or autumn. Summer is hot and humid so you will only need light clothes.
In winter; a coat would be enough but if you are traveling in the north it is advisable to bring warmer clothes with you. Casual wear is suitable for sightseeing and a lot of restaurants.


Bring a pair of comfortable shoes if you plan on doing a lot of walking. Do not expect to be able to buy shoes here if you have a large foot. Bring along shoes that you can take off easily because you will need to take them off when entering temple and shrine buildings and some restaurants.


Make sure to pack any prescription medicines you need. Japan does have international standard medical services and facilities. Hotels can help you if you need urgent attention.


The electrical current is 100 volts in Japan. Furthermore the current in Eastern Japan(Tokyo/Kanto area/Tohoku/Hokkaido) is on 50 Hertz and Western Japan(Nagoya/Osaka/Kyoto/Shikoku/Kyushu)uses 60 Hertz. Japanese electrical plugs are the flat two-pin type.


There are two types of toilet. One is western style and the other one is Japanese squat style. Squat toilet is still common in public conveniences. Do not sit directly on Japanese style toilet bowl but squat down astride the bowl facing the hood. In the toilet cubical you should change your footwear to the slippers provided there. Most station public toilets do not have toilet paper and hand dryers. There is usually a vending machine at the entrance. It might be a good idea to bring along your own toilet paper and tissues. You will find packets of tissues handed out free as promotion useful for the toilets.


The number of non-smoking cars has increased over recent years on long distance trains. Smoking is prohibited on all short distance and commuter trains. All train stations are non-smoking with the exception of train cabin with designated smoking areas. All subway stations are non-smoking. The number of restaurants with non-smoking sections is increasing but they are still rare. Do not be surprised if you see a Japanese person light up in a non-smoking area especially if they are standing in front of a "No Smoking" sign.

Mobile Phone Manner

All trains and buses have announcements that ask passengers to be considerate of others when using their phones on the train. Some train companies actually ban the use of mobile phones on their trains. It is basically a matter of common courtesy not too talk too loudly when using a mobile phone in public.


You can find taxis all over Japan. It is only necessary to use one if you have large heavy suitcases to carry from the hotel to the station. In some remote areas taxis are the only reliable form of transport as buses do not run as regularly. The fares vary according to the taxi company. Empty taxis can be recognized by the red light in the front of their windshields on the passenger side. From 11pm to 5am a 20% surcharge is added. Most taxis only seat 4 people and only have room for 2 large suitcases in the boot. The left rear door is operated by the driver(None of the other doors are). Wait for the door to be opened for you to get in and out of the taxi. The driver will also close it for you. Do not forget to keep your fingers out of the door. Pay the exact fare when you have arrived at your destination and you do not need to tip.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cool Women Accessories at

I was so dying to buy a new wallet but then I cannot find it here at the store where I like it so much. Believe me! I am not a really big in shopping but I am picky in terms of stuff. If I like it then my hubby will buy it right away because he knew that I rarely like stuff. I admire some stuff but I don't have the desire to own it. I will show this beautiful fashion handbags from Oh boy! I love their products and its accessories. I love to buy a new wallet from them, I need to figure it out if they are willing to ship to APO address or else I got disappointed if they won't.

This luxury fashion handbags catches my eyes and they have beautiful selections from totes, clutch bags, wristlet and even satchels. Feel to look on their site, you gonna love it. They are in retail for over 15 years now and it is guaranteed that they are selling real leather handbags and its accessories. Browse it here.

Laundry Day

I just could not believe it when we were there in WA, I only load 3 washed to my washer but here in Japan their dryer is pretty small it took me all day to do laundry. Brian was suggeting to load once or twice a day or else I am packed.

Get your lawsuit funding today

There are many things to consider if you get involved in a lawsuit or a claim of an incedental. You should be considered the to help you in terms of legal funding or any financing situations. Whether paying your mortgages or any bills while waiting for the claim. The LawMax is there to help and you do not need a background check. Just apply and wait for two days for the approval. They have the money for you today!

Make new friends but keep the One

I have a new friends here in Japan name Rene, Christy, Gloria and Thess. Their husbands are Brian's co worker. They are nice ladies and planned to stick with them as my friends. For me, it is so hard to find good friends and we are just kind of planning to have a get together once a month and do some crafts like stamping and scrapbooking. Gloria is a crafty person and Christy and Rene are not as much but they are planning to pursue this kind of hobby. Of course, same feathers flocks together. I am not sure if Thess will come with us but I am so sure she will or else she will watching us making cards and pages for our album. It is nice to have something to do.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Affordable health insurance from Kaiser

I heard Kaiser before but my hubby did not go with them and I am not sure why. Maybe they did not offered service where my hubby works or I just don't know. But I heard them through my friend in Los Angeles, they were in different insurance before and change to Kaiser of some many reasons. They did discovered that they have lots of coverage which other insurance companies did not offered. They are also looking for Georgia health insurance because they will be moving to Atlanta next year and they found out that they can still use Kaiser as their medical health insurance. You can get a quotes from them through online and compared it from the other health insurance companies. You can view the plans which suits you either individual or family health insurance. Apply it now and always think the best Kaiser. The number health insurance company.

Offline for more than two weeks

I was being so silent for more than two weeks, it does not mean that I am not here anymore but I was offline. We don't have internet connections when we move in into our new home. The NTT monopolize our apartment complex. The Jcom cable company can give us service for cable TV but not for internet. I was not happy of the outcome but we don't have choice.

I am hoping to get my vonage phone connected to the cable modem. Oh boy! Brian learned that they only allow us wireless router but it is approve NTT router. That's stinks! I will try to contact the NTT and tell them that we don't want to spend more money or else they will give us free router. It seemed that we don't have the power to choose our own stuff...boy! this is not gonna be fun.

Brian is trying to figure out and hoping his Dad will help us in figuring it or else we will call vonage for their technical support.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Find the best insurance for your own property

Whether you are looking for new insurance for your home or any property then I think it is better to check and look at here at auto net business insurance of what they have in here. There are Commercial Insurance that they offered, and pls take a look and get a quotes from them. You can reach them through internet or by talking to one of their specialist. They are very happy to help and assist your needs.

Looking back in years, I was looking for insurance that offered pretty good coverage and of course the price too. It is so hard to find the good one especially right now that there are lot of companies right now offered with different types of insurances.

Today is Thursday

Today is Thursday.

It is our very first day of our new home and we were figuring out of what we need. I just found out that we have lots of glass dooors and windows and it needs curtains so people in the outside could not see us through. Brian and I feel like that we are in a big fish tank and we are trying to hide ourselves when we need to do our private stuff. It is being hard though.

Brian went to work and asked if he could leave early. We woke up without heat because the Tokyo Gas guy did not give us a proper instructin on but there was an instruction on the drawer at the kitchen. I decided to stay in the house with the kids instead of going somewhere. Brian called Miko our agent and asked help for us. We need heat. I bundle up the kids, but it was not bad as in the outside though. This place is windy and I just could not believe it. The wind is so chilly and cold.

There was a guy from Tokyo Gas company came and give me an instruction if our heat stop. Just look on the meter LOL. Oh boy! I forgot to look our gas meter. So, we had heat and I cook breakfast. Brian was quiet happy that we are warmth and comfy. But we still have problems. The floor is so cold because it is wood floor. Brian and I does not like wood floor but there is an advantage though. You can see the mess that needs to be swept. I am sweeping three times most of the day because when I see some dirt it made me sneeze. That is why I discourage to bring shoes inside. Shoes should be put at the shoe rack at the entrance way. I wonder Japanese people wear slipper because they love wood floors. They spend thousands of dollars and maybe millions of yens in having wood flooor. It is their custom. We never encounter a house that has carpet but a friend of ours Rene and Phil told us that there was when they did their house hunting. They said the carpet was in the old side and it needs to be replaced.

So what I did today? I arrange the DVDs and books and put it away on their storage cabinets. I was carrying the cabinet at the tatami room and put all the DVDs we have. Brian's book were not many and we don't have a place for it. I was planning for the kids book to be on the two shelves on the bottom at the bookcase but then they made a mess so I was planning to put it in a small bookcase we have and put it in Ben's bedroom. I was planning to get a small bookcase for Mary so she has a books to flip when she will be in her room.

I spent my evening washing the pots and dishes. I feel it is not clean because I think the people who packed it back in WA. I think they have colds. Brian was claiming that the virus is already dead but I don't believe it. Bacteria and virus are always there so better I clean it and washed with a hot water. It is being hard to do all this while the kids are here bugging me. We don't have TV yet, I am afraid to plug it on the wall outlet.

Buy a home or sell

Finding a new home is pretty hard especially if you have standard setting of the place that you wanted to. As for me, having a Mortgageis pretty cool than renting a house or an apartment. We have the option to sell or keep it in the future. How do you find yourself that you are paying the house every month but then the value of your property will be up in the future. I just could not imagine that we bought our house for $120,000 and after 5 years, the value went up to $240,000. I better pay mortgage than renting. There are still lots of people out there renting in an apartment and not able to get their own home. I'd like you to visit the link above and it might be, it suited of what you need. It is simple, fast and easy they offered and you can get a free quotes when you are going to use their services.

Move in to our new home


We were so busy last night for packing our stuff but then we manage to pack everything. We were planning to take some stuff to the apartment but then I did not let Brian do it.

At 7AM, Brian manage to get a rental car and then load all our stuff. It fitted everything to one trip. We need to be there at our new place at 8AM because they will be delivering our stuff. We got there late. Brian was a bit scared in driving off base. It is really scary. I was not comfortable sitting on the passenger and kept giving directions to Brian where it made him upset. I finally went to the back and sit next to the kids. Brian was trying to drive in a hurry.

Brian was asking an apology for the guys that we arrived late, he told them that he got lost on his way here. We were not planning to get the rental car early and it is so hard to go the place where you never been to and the street is not properly labeled. I am not sure of what the Japanese driving. It is hard for the directions. It is funny when we saw the 5 tall building, we were quiet happy. We got lost twice and come back to the road. Thanks God my hubby has a sense of directions.

They unloaded our stuff but first the express shipment and then unpacked it. The next is the regular shipment which is about 8000 lbs. The Self Help people came to bring us the furniture that we are borrowing. So, there are three kinds of stuff we received it. The express shipment, regular shipment and the self help which they let us lend furnitures for 90 days. They also brought us the appliance that we needed like convection oven, a Japanese refrigerator and our washer and dryer. The Japanese appliance are pretty cool because we could not read the directions LOL. I tell you, they have a high tech toilet. It wash your butt, dry your butt and the nozzle that comes out can move back and forth when washing your butt. It is pretty cool. There was remote on it.

The Tokyo Gas company came over and restore our power for heat. We use them for heating and cooling system. I was really happy that we have heat at about noon. The guys that brought our stuff, they also unpacked it and bring all the boxes and papers that used when packing our stuff. I just could not believe it the boxes and paper they used.

Recycling here in Japan is pretty hard though. They are very strict and the sorting of the recycle. They have some stuff that they won't take it. I was doing recycle back in the US. Everything were all convenient and sorting was kind of easy.

Japanese people are quiet strict and love to follow rules and law on their country. I say the people are nice and they have fashion and they love children.

The guys were done here about noon and we also relieve that our stuff were unpacked and the problem next is putting it away.