Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flower Fields and Strawberries

Yesterday was so sunny and it was a fun day for us and my kids. We went to the Carlsbad Flower fields. It is really beautiful. The flowers are blooming

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pizza Loving Fool

My favorite restaurant is called the Mellow Mushroom. It is located in the city I live in and is situated near the river directly in the downtown area. Of course, most people have a craving for pizza, but I think I go a little overboard with it. I have to visit the place at least three times a week; I know it's bad for me but it's too good to pass up. It's not like a standard commercial pizza franchise with ugly seating and yellow lighting. It is laid back with comfortable chairs, nice music and a staff that acts as if they really enjoy their job.

I almost forgot to set my home security alarm from the other day because I was in such a hurry to meet my friends for lunch. Once it was set, I quickly made my way to meet the gang and dig into our usual: a large pepperoni and mushroom pizza. If you love cheese, then you'll love these pizzas because they really don't skimp on the ingredients. Now that I've written this, I think I'll head back out and have a slice. You can't just talk about their pizza; you have to eat it!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feel like writing today...

We have a 7-day Disney Alaska cruise sailing August 23, 2011. We are so excited with this event and this is the vacation we are taking this year. I guess I have enough of vacation because of this evacuation due to Japan calamities that we were traveling from Japan to Philippines then bound to the San Diego together with my two wonderful kids and my sweetie hubby. Brian went back to Japan after a week of stay here in San Diego. It was no fun after all because I was scared to drive after driving RH drive in Japan and drove at the other side of the road. Mind you the emergency number in states is 911, the Japan is 119 hahaha. This is so funny!

Next year, I will ask Brian not to take any vacation anywhere outside Japan. Maybe going to Okinawa for the month of our wedding anniversary. Wow! speaking of Anniversary, we will be 10 years this year. After all those hardships we had, we are still together and promised to love each other. I have a friend in Italy and I met him through the game. Kept inviting me for visiting his place. I met also his wife since she played they same game as well. They offered one of their house that we can stay there as long as we want. Their place is not too far in Venice and in Florence. But I like to go to Pompeii where the town that got buried. I wanna see the ruins. I was so obsessed on that Pompeii thingy after I saw some artefacts from the museum in Japan. So, 2013 we are hoping for Italy vacation. I will save all my disney points and trade it. So i can make money for that. I will trade also the Monarch timeshare and let someone rent it for us. That is also more than a thousand for a week stay LOL...Trying to look some thing that we can save. I guess I will put a piggy bank in the house and let the kids fill it with coins...

When we were visiting to Sheelah's house April 20th in Spring Valley, I almost forgot that i can turn right right away. I almost went to the other side of the road. Good thing I saw the incoming traffic from the the other side LOL. That was pretty funny but not funny if i hit someone;s car. I think my insurance will go up.

April 21st was being a hectic for me, packing for the stuff that we need to ship. I put on hold since the other day... Me me... procrastination again!!!! The kids were stubborn enough or has one thing on their mind- pool pool... so we went to the pool and stayed more than an hour. After that, we went to the store and pick up a second box at STAPLES, whoa! I saw the Mitsukawa Store (Brian was saying that they were closed, was so sad to know that) and so after picking up few things at STAPLES, we stopped over there. Mary as usual. She picked inari sushi and tuna and salmon as well.. This kid is so cutie...I picked up few things as well, I was looking around the store and it is like the Fuji store that I used to go in Japan. A small place but it has everything you needed for your kitchen....

April 22nd, we were getting ready for visiting Cheryl's house. I asked the front desk the closes post office here at the hotel. Then after we sent off our package bound to Japan. We stopped by at Dairy Queen, its been awhile that I never eat this place.... we are talking of 3 years lol...Then we headed to Cheryl's house. She has an ester egg hunt. I helped her a bit on setting up and giving instructions her kids. She has at least 8 kids to take care of. She has her own daycare at home. Kids had fun after all. When all her kids are all gone by picking up their parents. We headed to Cathy's house and do jacuzzi. Its fun huh!!!