Monday, September 10, 2007

Hubby surprise us

At about 10:20, the housekeeper knock the door and asked if wee need service and I said can you pls come back after an hour or 2 because Mary just fall asleep in about 5 minutes. The housekeeper leave and then there is another knock on the door, I thought it was another housekeeper. I am a little bit mad- I feel the tingling on my ear LOL and when I opened the door, it was Brian.
Brian got home for 2 reasons, he wanted to see us in between of his work hours and the second is, he wanted to join us at lunch. We were talking where we will be going and he remembered that I was craving with breadsticks from olive garden. He asked if I wanted to have lunch at olive garden and I said "NO". I told him that I was thinking the breadstick at Fazoli's well, it is a little bit cheaper there LOL. So, we went there and have lunch. I was not impressed with the breadsticks, it feels salty and it is not fresh. Well, I was thinking that I am not feeling well and my taste buds are not feeling well eatiher LOL. I did not even ate the whole thing of my order, the cheese ravioli with meat sauce. Oh boy! I was really bad LOL... so Brian asked for a lid to my plate and take it home with the breadstick. I thought I am going to eat at around 2pm, I figured I will be hungry that time but I did not.
When we are done eating lunch, we hurried back to the hotel. Brian drop us off and he went up to our room because he wanted to change his shirt, he got dirty from the sauce. He hurried back to the car and drive for work. We were talking of bringing Benjamin to Chuck E cheese's this evening so he can play there, he loves chuck e cheeses LOL..not the food but those fun stuff there.

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