Friday, October 19, 2007

Day 1 of our two weeks vacation

Travel Journal

October 19, 2007 to November 3, 2007

A week before we leave for our two weeks vacation, we were starting packing our suitcases and made a list of all the stuff that we need to bring. Brian and I were talking of all the kids clothes that we are going to bring. Betty was looking with her formal dresses and it did not fit on her anymore and we went shopping at Macy's. She bought a beautiful dresses that she liked. She really gained weight while she was still nursing Mary. Brian bought also few stuff for his formal suit, a vest, new set of jewelry and a white shirt. We picked also a pair of tux for Benjamin. Mary had her clothes before she was born which Betty's sister sent it from the Philippines.
We made all of our reservation ahead of time from booking the cruise I guess that was 10 months ahead, the resorts stay at Vero Beach and Disneyworld and our rental cars and air fare. Brian planned it so well even for the places or restaurants we eat and how much we are going to spend. In every details of our vacation Brian is the author.

Day 1 - October 19, 2007

Brian's friend Curt Cady took us to the airport. He picked us up at around 9am in the house. He is a good friend of Brian and he was taking off leave that day, Friday. We got there at the airport at around 10:20AM. We bid goodbye to him and thank him for being so kind of giving us a lift.
Brian used the skycap service, we checked at curb and it was easier for us for traveling two little children. We did not in lined to the check in line. We could not checked in online due to have infant in Betty's lap. But we were pretty much early because it saved us a lots of time in checking in at the curb.

We head to the gate and passed the security with no problems. We ate at Maki Japan Oriental Eatery and then after that we headed to gate C-21. We were taking our time so easy but travelling with the kids was a bit harder. Believe me!

The plane started to board at around 1:10 PM, we were late a bit but it is okay. I am thinking that we will have a little time on our next leg of our flight. Well, Brian and I were always trying to entertain our kids. Benjamin had fun watching the movies and Mary was quiet a bit fussy. She was keeping me draining out of liquid. We arrive at Nashville, TN at around 7:20 PM. The plane again is delayed and we are so thankful with that. We were the last person who entered the plane. Since the kids were a bit fussy. We were still doing the stuff that kept them entertain. Finally we arrive at Orlando around 11:20 PM EST. We get off and then head to the claim baggage. We used a skycap services where they were helping travelers for their luggages. We got all the luggages and then head to Budget Rental Car. Brian was so thankful that the car is at the parking garage which is a walking distance from the airport. We left at the airport around 12:30AM and head to Port Canaveral. Benjamin and Mary were very tired and sleepy and we did not even had enough food to eat. Unfortunately, Brian went to the wrong turn and we ended up in a wrong road. Well, it was okay because we find a convenient store and bought some water and a little bit of food. Mary was really tired and she was screaming. I was nursing her to stop her screaming and she finally went to sleep. Benjamin was awake still but I kept telling him to sleep on our way to the hotel. We got there at Residence Inn at about 2:30AM. Brian checked in and I was waited at the car with the kids sleeping. Fortunately the guy at the front desk asked from his colleague to help us bringing our bags in our room. We have 5 suitcases... Lots! We refreshed ourselves and then went to bed with a big snooze....z z z z z z z z z

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