Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

Wow I never thought that today is Christmas day. It feels like an ordinary day where everyone celebrates or everyone had a get together with their friends and family. Bill Hotzel called this morning and reminded us to come in their house for a get together. Yes we planned to come and at noon, the snow started falling and I was so happy because we had a white christmas. Benjamin was telling me that rain is falling and I said uh uh.. it is snow! Mary was just watching in the outside and I kept pointing it to her that it is snow. At about 3pm, snow still falling and did not stop. Brian called them that we could not make it. It is so hard with the kids travelling with snow. It scared me. But then I cooked right away a steamed broccolli, cook the chicken and beef that I marinated, and then I made a fried rice. I was trying to think what else I am gonna cook. So, I put out Brian's kitchen aid mixer and I made cookies. My cookies is so good, nobody won't say it is not good LOL. We eat lunch/dinner, Benjamin as always did not eat and I was so glad Mary did ate. I just love it when they are still baby, they eat anything you give it to them. I was wishing Benjamin is just like that but he knew now to say ewwwww. It made me sad and upset sometimes. I cook the food and he never eat it.

So then... I was asking to Brian to finish cooking my cookies while I was putting Mary in her nap. This is kid is funny, she was bringing her blanket to me and said Mommmy dede and she pointed my breast LOL.. She is sleeping now..

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stacys1175 said...

Hi just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope you and your family had a nice Christmas :)