Sunday, December 30, 2007

My New Toy Nikon D40X Camera

I was asking for Brian a new camera for my birthday. He was asking me what's wrong with my sony camera and I said. It does not get good pictures, I always get blurred pictures if the kids suddenly move. There is no clarity of my shots. I never thought that he is going to buy this early. My birthday will be on 14th next month.

I was looking for good camera online last night and I heard few rumors that Nikon was really good. I just want the professional look of camera where I can get a wide angle if I am going to get a shot for scenery. I love scenery photos and I just love to collects some photos here in WA before we leave for Japan.

I checked the customers reviews and even the consumers report online. Oh boy! this camera is better than Sony.... people are giving their views. I am so sure those are professionals photographers. 4.8 out of 5 is the review which is pretty cool review.

We went to the Silverdale today, we visited Best Buy and Circuit city. Main target is computer and a camera. Brian was a bit curious because I love small electronics where I will go for a bit heavy camera. He bought it at Circuit City and I just fell in love with my cam. I know you guys love the features. I really love and will study all the features that it is on. I am planning to buy a new lenses as soon as we have enough money and extra battery.

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