Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vitamins- Supplements safe?

I was reading an article from this morning that buying a vitamin and mineral supplements is just like going to the candy shop. I guess it is true, you can pretty much buy vitamin supplements in a grocery store or even online store. I am not used of taking vitamins but I am taking pre-natal vitamins still because I still nursing my Mary. At least she will get my extra vitamins not the vitamins that needs me to keep going in my daily routine. I read one time, it is an article. I just forgot where I read it. But if you nurse your kids and you don't have enough or low vitamins present in your body. You will be having a bone problem in the future. This is what I am afraid of, thats why I am still taking my vitamins but after this- I dunno if I still do it. The food that I am eating is enough for me to get the vitamins that I needed. Eating fresh vegetables, meat and energy food...made you healthy. I don't think that those vitamin pills is safe to take... Better check those pills....

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