Friday, January 18, 2008

A bank that you can trust Northern Trust

I was looking a bank that serves internationally because we will be moving to Japan and stay there for three years and then come back here in WA state after my hubby contract job end. I found that Northern Trust has one branch in Tokyo area and we live pretty much 2-hours away from Tokyo.

The Northern Trust is a business and private banking which delivers a full banking services from checking, savings, mortgages, loans and line of credit, and home equity loans. You can access your account anytime of the day by logging in at their secured website. If you are away from your internet, you can use also their automated phone banking services to check your account information through telephone. You can visit them at their local office and their friendly staff will assist you for the services you are acquiring from them. There is one location I knew, it is an hour away from my house. Not bad at all.

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