Monday, January 14, 2008

Express Shipment for Japan

Two guys came over today in my house and they packed our stuff for Japan. It is an express shipment and our stuff will be there on the 19th of FEbruary. Brian and I were so busy last night, putting our stuff out for the shipment. I was extremely tired and I was hoping that Mary will be sleeping through so it is so easy for me to deal with them.

There are some stuff were they did not packed because I forgot to tell them. Brian was a bit upset at me when he got home from work that I did forgot some of the stuff. I was tired and then here he is- barking me! My tears fell on my eyes and I was really crying. I just could not imagined that hubby barked at me and I woke up early and I was dealing with Mary. Mary kept crying if I tried to leave her just a little bit. Oh boy! oh boy!

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