Sunday, January 13, 2008

Move internationally and get a quotes at

Moving is somewhat panicking especially that you decided not to take everything you have at home. It is easier if the movers pack everything. Just like us this time, we are moving to Japan but we did not use the services because my husband's company was the one paying all the expenses. We are not the one who choose the moving company but doing an international moving is pretty overwhelming. We are going to use three companies for moving all our stuff here at home. This coming Monday they are going to pack our stuff that send in express shipping and the major packing for Japan is the next day. Right now, we are busy sorting our stuff. The stuff that go with us and the stuff that stay at the storage here in Bremerton. I am not sure where is that storage but I think it is in Bremerton.

Right here at, you can get a free quotes for all the household goods that you are going to move internationally. They even have guide for the countries that you are going to. They are going to assist you in your relocation process. If your appliance will be useful in other countries. You are going to decide what to bring or not or else you are not gonna use your appliance there. I just wished they used they same voltage all over the world. Oh well, business thing.

There is also another site that I saw the They are also assisting your move internationally but then they will help you with all the stuff that you needed. If you are not ready to throw your old stuff and wanted to get a storage while you are away for 2 or 3 years then they will assist you with that. Have you been wondering if you can bring your car? The provides you a free quotes of how much is the cost to bring your car to your new country. But then there are some countries that it is better to use their public transportation. They have plenty of guides that you can read and it is better if you understands all their services that they are serving to you.

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