Monday, February 11, 2008

Found a place to live

Brian and I were so busy looking with the perfect place to live for three years here in Japan. We were considering to get a typical Japanese house but then we could not afford the stairs climbing up and down. It is very steep and it is dangerous for Mary. I love the second house that we saw because there is 3 rooms that is tatami mats. It is really Japanese.

The place we found is the apartment complex which is Japanese WEstern style place. There is no stairs and no worries for Mary that she fell down. It is three bedroom and has a tatami room for entertaining and of course with the kitchen, dining and has extra living room where we could put our sofa. The tatami room is where we are going to entertain our guests and the extra room where we put our computers for Brian, Ben and Mine. We put a space also for Mary. We can see the water in one corner and I just love it.

This place they called them Nobi and it is 20 minutes away from Brian's work by train. We are planning to get a car as soon as we are settle down. We are near at the market, the train station I think it is about 5 minutes walk and the public bus. Mostly Japanese walk and ride in a train or a public bus. Their gas is very expensive compared to American price. We were advised to get a gas inside the base or else we are paying a lot.

There are a lot of things that I see when I observing how the Japanese people live. I am very curious to know. This is where we started our Japan tours. I will post photos here. Thanks for coming and read my blog.

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