Sunday, February 10, 2008

House Hunting

Brian and I were started looking for different houses here in Japan last Thursday afternoon. We first went to the house which is the road is so narrow and it is scary to drive. Japan is a nice country, the people are nice too. Oh boy! the house that we first saw was really nice but the road is not ok with me to drive the car. It is very narrow and I don't like to walk in a very hilly road. That was our first choice with regards to the distance to the work of Brian but then I dislike the road. The agent was so nice but then she brought us this place which is scary road to drive lol. She brought us to the next one which is really Japanese style of home. I really like it but then our queen size bed does not fit to go upstairs. I just love that house but we are also considering the furnitures that we brought. We wished we did not bring our furniture. I just want to have a Japanese living room for entertainment our guest. I just love to have one. I know that Japanese people will appreciate my effort to make it. The tatami mats really impressed me how cool to have one in my own home in WA. The third house that we saw is nice, it was built 1987. It has a big kitchen but the hallway is so narrow and our sofas does not fit on it because it is kind of fat lol.. I just love the second house, it has 3 rooms that has tatami mats but I dislike the kitchen- it is on the old side. The sink is kind of dirty look and I am very particular with the kitchen look.There is another agent that brought us to their vacant apartments. I just like it, there is one tatami mats in a living room, and the rest are wood floors. Brian hate wood floor but we were talking of putting an area rug. Wood floors are cold during winter. Tomorrow Sunday, We are going to have another agent to meet but I am committed to this place. We brought Benjamin's power wheels so he can run his car going to the park. I just love the location because it is on the ground floor and there is no stairs. When we were looking to that 3 previous houses, Brian and I think right away that it is really dangerous for Mary that she gonna fell down on the stairs. That was our big concern. I just love this place anyways. It is a combination of a western and Japanese type of complex.

I was glad when Brian check our bank online, our cash advance is already there and we are going to use for the deposti, one month advance rent, agent fee and owner's fee. Oh boy! I think it will be totalled to more than 8 thou $. I am hoping that we don'thave any problem with the pay for our rent. It is hard for us this time because we still paying our 2 cars eventhough it is on consignment right now.. got to go.. CIAO

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