Thursday, February 14, 2008


I was really happy that Benjamin settle down and looking forward to play in the playground. I am so thankful for Rene, she is my new friend here in Japan. She is older than me but I like her. I just remembered Brian's Aunt when I look at her and I think that is why I like her. She is very nice lady and mind you! she loves to talk where I love to talk.

I called her about 9:35 and asked if she could take us to the playground that she was talking about. She offered us to take us there and I was so glad. We left here at about 10:22 where we catch the bus so there is no need for us to ride a cab which we pay for it. Bus is free. I love free stuff LOL.

Benjamin was enjoying to play in the playground, he was playing with Japanese kids and I am not sure how old are those kids. I bet they are 5 or 6 years old. Benjamin was playing with them eventhough they talk Japanese. I am not sure if Ben understand it. Benjamin was really happy that he finally play with other kids. He loves the ball and the next time we will be going there, we will bring a ball. So I will share photos here on my next post. I need to upload my pictures to my computer. CIAO!

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