Monday, February 18, 2008

Visit to Brian's boss' boss' Mr Tom Murphy

We were invited to come in his house. He is a nice guy and even his wife was so nice. They have two kids with them Ian and Dylan. They are kind of shy type kids, never talk to us but it seemed they are good kid. This kids love to play video games and even on their computer. They are nice though. I am hoping and praying that they are always our friends and treated us family here. The PSNS Command is pretty new here. I love to make friends with them and even to the other guys that come at the get together. Brian and I are planning to invite them in our house warming thing. I am thinking two weeks after we move. I knew we are settld in about two weeks.

They have a nice Japanese house that they rented. The place is big but the hallway is a little bit narrow than the place we are going to rent. Oh well, what do you expect in here. They have a little land to spend here in Japan and they could not afford to leveled their land and build more homes. Tom's wife Christy, she loves flowers and even foliage plants and I think we have in common with that. She definitely loves plants. She has potted plants in the outside and more in the inside too. That is what Brian want me to do. A little bit of everything because the place that we have is not that big space for roses. I will plant roses and I am thinking two in a pots.

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