Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Move in to our new home


We were so busy last night for packing our stuff but then we manage to pack everything. We were planning to take some stuff to the apartment but then I did not let Brian do it.

At 7AM, Brian manage to get a rental car and then load all our stuff. It fitted everything to one trip. We need to be there at our new place at 8AM because they will be delivering our stuff. We got there late. Brian was a bit scared in driving off base. It is really scary. I was not comfortable sitting on the passenger and kept giving directions to Brian where it made him upset. I finally went to the back and sit next to the kids. Brian was trying to drive in a hurry.

Brian was asking an apology for the guys that we arrived late, he told them that he got lost on his way here. We were not planning to get the rental car early and it is so hard to go the place where you never been to and the street is not properly labeled. I am not sure of what the Japanese driving. It is hard for the directions. It is funny when we saw the 5 tall building, we were quiet happy. We got lost twice and come back to the road. Thanks God my hubby has a sense of directions.

They unloaded our stuff but first the express shipment and then unpacked it. The next is the regular shipment which is about 8000 lbs. The Self Help people came to bring us the furniture that we are borrowing. So, there are three kinds of stuff we received it. The express shipment, regular shipment and the self help which they let us lend furnitures for 90 days. They also brought us the appliance that we needed like convection oven, a Japanese refrigerator and our washer and dryer. The Japanese appliance are pretty cool because we could not read the directions LOL. I tell you, they have a high tech toilet. It wash your butt, dry your butt and the nozzle that comes out can move back and forth when washing your butt. It is pretty cool. There was remote on it.

The Tokyo Gas company came over and restore our power for heat. We use them for heating and cooling system. I was really happy that we have heat at about noon. The guys that brought our stuff, they also unpacked it and bring all the boxes and papers that used when packing our stuff. I just could not believe it the boxes and paper they used.

Recycling here in Japan is pretty hard though. They are very strict and the sorting of the recycle. They have some stuff that they won't take it. I was doing recycle back in the US. Everything were all convenient and sorting was kind of easy.

Japanese people are quiet strict and love to follow rules and law on their country. I say the people are nice and they have fashion and they love children.

The guys were done here about noon and we also relieve that our stuff were unpacked and the problem next is putting it away.

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