Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Offline for more than two weeks

I was being so silent for more than two weeks, it does not mean that I am not here anymore but I was offline. We don't have internet connections when we move in into our new home. The NTT monopolize our apartment complex. The Jcom cable company can give us service for cable TV but not for internet. I was not happy of the outcome but we don't have choice.

I am hoping to get my vonage phone connected to the cable modem. Oh boy! Brian learned that they only allow us wireless router but it is approve NTT router. That's stinks! I will try to contact the NTT and tell them that we don't want to spend more money or else they will give us free router. It seemed that we don't have the power to choose our own stuff...boy! this is not gonna be fun.

Brian is trying to figure out and hoping his Dad will help us in figuring it or else we will call vonage for their technical support.

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