Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Today is Thursday

Today is Thursday.

It is our very first day of our new home and we were figuring out of what we need. I just found out that we have lots of glass dooors and windows and it needs curtains so people in the outside could not see us through. Brian and I feel like that we are in a big fish tank and we are trying to hide ourselves when we need to do our private stuff. It is being hard though.

Brian went to work and asked if he could leave early. We woke up without heat because the Tokyo Gas guy did not give us a proper instructin on but there was an instruction on the drawer at the kitchen. I decided to stay in the house with the kids instead of going somewhere. Brian called Miko our agent and asked help for us. We need heat. I bundle up the kids, but it was not bad as in the outside though. This place is windy and I just could not believe it. The wind is so chilly and cold.

There was a guy from Tokyo Gas company came and give me an instruction if our heat stop. Just look on the meter LOL. Oh boy! I forgot to look our gas meter. So, we had heat and I cook breakfast. Brian was quiet happy that we are warmth and comfy. But we still have problems. The floor is so cold because it is wood floor. Brian and I does not like wood floor but there is an advantage though. You can see the mess that needs to be swept. I am sweeping three times most of the day because when I see some dirt it made me sneeze. That is why I discourage to bring shoes inside. Shoes should be put at the shoe rack at the entrance way. I wonder Japanese people wear slipper because they love wood floors. They spend thousands of dollars and maybe millions of yens in having wood flooor. It is their custom. We never encounter a house that has carpet but a friend of ours Rene and Phil told us that there was when they did their house hunting. They said the carpet was in the old side and it needs to be replaced.

So what I did today? I arrange the DVDs and books and put it away on their storage cabinets. I was carrying the cabinet at the tatami room and put all the DVDs we have. Brian's book were not many and we don't have a place for it. I was planning for the kids book to be on the two shelves on the bottom at the bookcase but then they made a mess so I was planning to put it in a small bookcase we have and put it in Ben's bedroom. I was planning to get a small bookcase for Mary so she has a books to flip when she will be in her room.

I spent my evening washing the pots and dishes. I feel it is not clean because I think the people who packed it back in WA. I think they have colds. Brian was claiming that the virus is already dead but I don't believe it. Bacteria and virus are always there so better I clean it and washed with a hot water. It is being hard to do all this while the kids are here bugging me. We don't have TV yet, I am afraid to plug it on the wall outlet.

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