Friday, March 14, 2008

Trip to US Embassy

I was procastinating in filing up my application forms for my passport and today we are going to go to Tokyo for filing my tourist passport. Our printer got broken, the paper loader does not load the paper properly. It printed but it is crampled. I was a bit upset by it but most got upset was Brian. He was blaming of not doing the filing up the forms so he can print it at work. I was doing laundry early this morning and I cook food for our breakfast. Brian was annoyed by all we got.

We ate our breakfast quick, Benjamin was so demanding by asking his chocomilk and so Mary. Oh boy! this kids is getting worst in demanding us stuff. If we got busy then they were got busy asking us some stuff. I think that is the rule of thumb.

Brian and I finally quit trying to use our printer. He was trying to clean the loader but then still not working. I called my friend Gigi Guerero and she was so nice to let us use her printer and print couple pages for my passport application.

Everything was going crazy and it is getting late and we just don't want to hit the rush hour in Tokyo. So we decided to get lunch and then after that head to Yokosuka Chou Station.

Brian and I were so funny when we got there at Shinagawa. We both trying to figure out the directions we got from the MWR on how to get to Embassy. Boy! this is not gonna be fun. The time is running. We get on on the train twice and decided to get off because we thought it is not the right train and I think we are right. We rode in a green kanji train finally and just to make it sure. I asked the lady next to me if the train stop at Shimbashi station. The lady was not so sure and she get her train schedule but then the lady next to her. She was more knowledgeable and she said. I will let you know when we got there at the station. You know it is really amazing because when I was looking at her, she was so busy doing something on her cellphone maybe texting or browsing on on the internet. But when we got to the station, she told me right away that this is the station to get off in Shimbashi. By being polite, I told her arigato and say goodbye. They are paying attention and I know they are clever people. I like them.

So, Brian and I tried to figure it out again on how to get to Tameike-sanno station using Ginza Line at the subway line. Boy! Brian is so funny but then we need two people to figure everything out. I told to Brian to follow the Ginza arrow and we did it right. Brian also figured it out. But there are times that made us crazy in our trip. Benjamin is always curious of everything. He wanted to see what other people doing, he is a curious kid! I just could not believe how the train be on time on their schedule. Whether you are in or out, they will close the door without any hesitation. Time is running.

So then we got to the station and then we head out and find the right way to US EMbassy. It is really great how everything went. When we got to the office, they were almost close 15 minutes still to spare. I asked Brian to get a number while I was putting all my stuff at the chair and let Mary sit down. It was so cool because there were few people left on the waiting area. They called us right away as soon as Brian took a number from the outside at the waiting. Brian was so scrambling his stuff and took it out my documents. The lady was so helpful. The stuff we did in the morning that we were upset for our printer. We end up of throwing my application form because we filled up the wrong form. So, Brian filled started filling up but then he realized that we need to pay the passport fee before the window close. He asked me to finish filling up but then he still finished it. My husband had lots of adrenalin than me. Eveything went well for all of us.

We hurriedly back to the train station and head back home. Benjamin was getting tired of walking and I carried him on my back. I just could not imagine what the Japanese people was saying. Maybe they thought there was a monkey clinging on my back LOL. Brian pushed the stroller. Oh boy! our trip was all quick and tiring. We never got a chance to see Tokyo. I only see tall tower building side by side. It is better that way or else we will hit the rish hour and it is so hard for the kids to get on on the train. I am so afraid that our kids gonna be crushed. We got back at Yokosuka Chou atg around 6PM and we will be trying to eat dinner at the REstaurant park. It is an up floor on the train station. Boy! it took so long to wait and we were all hungry. We decided to go back on the base and eat dinner at sbarro. It is fastfood and it is Italian. We wanted to eat pizza and be a pig for our dinner LOL. We were all hungry and never got a chance to grab anything in our wayback. The kids were fighting with the raisins. Poor kids!

We were back safely at home even all the rains that hit us so hard.....

Till next time.

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