Friday, April 11, 2008

Two-day Disney Trip to Tokyo

Two-day Disney Trip to Tokyo

We went to Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea, we stayed there for two days. We leave here in the house almost 10AM Sunday April 6, 2008. Brian and I were looking with the printed information from Disney for our hotel reservation at Mira Costa Hotel in Disney Sea. We were looking for hours and it ended up that Brian left the sheet of paper at the entrance of our house.

We started our trip walking from the house to the train station at Nobi YRP for about 15 minutes and we stopped at Keikyu Kurihama station and transferred to JR Kurihama station for Tokyo. We walk about 4 minutes to get to JR station. It was a very nice day so we won't have any problem with our travel. We ride in a green car where we pay 700 yen extra from the regular fare. We have a little bit of advantage because the seat looks like a plane seats, well their seats has a little bit more room than the plane. We purchased our ticket at the ticket machine and then go inside the station. There was one train parked and we never think that this is the end line of the JR station. The Japanese guy was cleaning and he is kind of let us leave the train but then we did not leave. He was cleaning it but we did not understand what he said. This is the big disadvantage if we cannot converse them. We don't have an idea of what they are saying.

The train leaves and we were so happy that we finally settled down. Brian and I never got a chance to take a nap on our trip. Benjamin was so busy playing in the playstation and Mary was a bit fussy because she was sleepy. But we kept looking where we at in every stop of the train. We found out that there is a big statue in Ofuna where we can see the statue when we pass by at the train station. Brian and I were thinking to visit Ofuna sometime in the future.

We got to Tokyo and then we get off on the train and followed the sign the Keiyo Line for Maihama station where the Disneyland station is. It was a quiet a walk, I just found out that we are walking at the subway. Tokyo is a small city in land area but lots of tall buildings that you can see. People are just everywhere. When you are walking at the subway. Boy! it is very crowded. I just could not live this kind of life everyday. Some people are wearing mask if they are sick or does not want to catch illness but some are not. At first, I feel that it is weird when they have mask on their face.

When we find our station to get to Maihama we were so happy then. We were counting how many stop of the train station and then get off at Maihama. The subway is vey warm due to people's heat. It is very crowded. We walk to the Guest center in Disney. Brian was looking to the sheets but he could not find it. He was asking the reception if they can see our reservation on their system but they said we are not on the list of their hotel reservation. The nice thing the other lady came and helped us and viola! she found our reservation. We finally get our room and leave our bag to them. We went to the Disney Sea park and we had fun. I will upload photos to my online album.

The next day, we went to the Disneyland and of course Benjamin had fun. The weather was forecasted rainy. The rain started falling about noon. We bought a poncho/raincoat and umbrella. Even though it was rainy and wet. There were still lots of people walking around the park. Rain is not the hindrance of having fun at the park.

We got lost Benjamin twice in Toontown. Well, he is fine though but we were extremely scared where he went. The first time when I went to the baby center and nurse Mary. Brian was watching him and Ben asked his Dad to hold the thing when they were at the boat. Benjamin left and went to Mickey's house by himself. Brian was looking everywhere and he finally asked one of the cast member to help us finding him. He is pretty quick in everything. The second time was he was running off but we knew that he was there at chip and dale's tree house. This is kid is amazing. The next time, he got lost when we were on our way back to the hotel. We stop by at the shops and he was asking Brian to buy him an umbrella and Brian told him "no". He left at the store and went outside and kept entertaining himself at the wagon. This kid knew where the good stuff is. But it scared us when he is doing like that.

Brian and I were talking to stay or at the Disney Sea park but then we decided not to extend a day in our ticket. We better off not and relax the last day of our stay. We were glad that we did not extended our park ticket because early in the morning. The rains started pouring and it is quiet heavy. We leave at the hotel around 10AM and started on our way back home. The weather is getting bad. It is wet and windy and it is getting cold. Benjamin and Mary were doing fine though.

When we got to JR Kurihama station, we transferred to Keikyu station and ride the train going to YRP Nobi. The rain poured so hard. I was so hungry because we did not have an proper lunch. We had a little snack at the train station, t'was crepes. Mary was looking with the ice cream and she got one and even Benjamin tried to lick the ice cream cone standing outside the store. This kid is weird.

Brian was talking to get the car and pick us up at the train station but then the car battery went dead again. He called me and told me to get a cab. But I was stubborn and does not want to deal with the Japanese cab driver. I am afraid that he won't understand me. So Mary and I walk uphill. Mary was happy watching the water falling from the umbrella. She was wearing her raincoat and put umbrella on top of the stroller to protect our stuff not to get wet. We got there and Brian was a bit worried if I walk and he was right. He run to get us and help me some pushing of the stroller. Mary is getting cold. Poor little one. Brian was hoping that Mary won't get sick... We were home safely and tried to warm up ourselves.

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