Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Lunch at Sawaasdee Thai Restaurant

Sawasdee Thai Restaurant here in Yokosuka. It is a very nice restaurant. The food was yummy but it is spicy. If you love asian food- spicy then this is the best place for you. It is located at Daeie Mall- kind of the harbor. You won't missed the location of the restaurant.

Gloria Church was so early going in line to the restaurant. I think they are open at lunch. Today is a buffet style. I just forgot my camera so I can take the photos of the place and the food. We just had a lunch with the SRF spouses and there will be 9 ladies that show up. I am not sure the 3 other Japanese ladies. It seemed that they are Gloria's friend. We were sitting at a kind of private room. The room was enclosed but there is two ladies sitting on the other end. We were so delighted that we had lunch here. The food taste so good. The dessert which is coconut milk with gelatin and jackfruit was very good. It cut the spice of the food. Pilar found out that there was lychees in it.

If you are very meticulous enough to try any food then this is a great adventure for you. Try it first before you say. You don't like it.

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