Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wow! Vacation rental specialist

Brian and I were looking for someone to rent our points at DVC. I was trying to post last couple of days that I have points for rent. Here I am dealing with the Disney Member Services and asked room availability. Do you want to stay in a deluxe resort in Orlando. I can help you make your vacation a magical by staying in my deluxe resorts in Disney. I tried to stay at my home resort. Saratoga Spring Resorts and Spa. This resort is huge and it is very nice. It is a gothic style building- very nice. We stayed in a one bedroom. The room is so spacious and we have our own kitchen and washer and dryer. Oh boy! I just could not imagine that if you want to have clean clothes coming back from your vacation. You can just run the washer and when you are back at your room, you can dry it. That is what I did during our stay back in October and December of last year. We stayed also at Wilderness Lodge and this resort is so nice.

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