Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sundays at home

This guest post from Werner Rogers

Ever since we got, our Sundays have never been the same. Of course, we still get up and go to church as we always have. And then we go out to eat after church because there is no way I am going to cook on a Sunday. But now we have NFL Sunday Ticket. Well, you might as well cease to exist if you are not interested in Football around here. And, then when you think you might have a relaxing Sunday afternoon, my husband says that he has invited a couple of the guys over to watch football with him. Before I can even change out of my Sunday dress, I have to jump in the car to go get some snacks to feed these characters. It has to be snacks because remember I don’t cook on Sundays. While I am gone, my husband has to vacuum since I won’t let his friends set foot in my house unless it has been vacuumed. When I get back, I change clothes, get a good book to read, and hide out on the patio with a nice cool drink until the game is over and all the guys have gone home. I hope he remembers that he has to vacuum after they all leave.

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