Saturday, May 03, 2014

Our first mystery road trip

Being a parent is so hard, always trying to think what is best for the kids and I feel frustrated of giving directions/instructions of what are things that we can and or can not do during the Sabbath day. 

My children loves to play video games, watching YouTube video in episodes and or I will just say doing or engaging some worldly things. They are always looking forward to do those stuff on their free time.

As a parent, I am accountable to this to God and to their relationship to God. I really need help and of what to do and what are things that needed to do. 

This moment, I am imagining myself of how the kids react on this especially that we are going to keep the Sabbath from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. I just started to cut out of what they used to do and I feel frustrated and a bit angry to myself. Why I did not do this when they are little and not know how to give reason and or even fight back. I guess I am not too late to engage this and being their thoughts, mind and heart to God. 

The view in our driving is not changing- still rainy and the side of the road has plenty of trees .

 I feel that on the day of the Sabbath we are going to praise God and exalt His Name. 

I am praying go 

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