Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hop to pier south hotel in marriot in imperial beach

Hotel hopping is much easier if you pack light and that is what really did. Oh not me! Cause I pack more than that I need. 

We left at legoland park around 2pm, and drove to imperial beach.

We really need to get a gas - not running of fumes yet but almost lol. We has up here at shell, price is not too bad 4.17 per gallon 

And we grab some lunch too- 

Now we are eating lol

We are going to finally head to imperial beach and planned to have dinner with Denina and her family.

We are finally here inside the room. We run problems with our credit cards as marriot tried to charge(not really charge big amount -just about 50$ on hold), we used points in staying here. My bank decided that marriot is a fraud ha ha ha... We called the bank and fix it lol

I really love the ocean view

Oh yeah

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