Thursday, September 20, 2007

Choose: frozen or fresh vegetables and fruits

I was really surprised the facts that I heard from discovery channel...oh boy! I like to eat fresh vegetables and fruits... but read this article:
The technology to freeze certain foods provides the shopper with more food choices. Out of season produce can be available throughout the year. Producers also are able to transport and store foods without them spoiling. Food scientists can measure the nutrient content of different foods. Foods are analyzed for various minerals, vitamins and fiber. Studies that have compared frozen produce to fresh produce show that in most cases the frozen fruits and vegetables retain their nutrients. A quick-freeze technique is used to freeze produce. This process preserves the food's nutrients. When fresh fruits and vegetables are exposed to light and air, the vitamins in the food break down over time. Fresh produce that has been sitting on the shelf long past its harvest date may actually be lower in nutrients than food that is frozen immediately after picking. The highest levels of nutrients can be found in fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season. Otherwise, frozen varieties are a good choice. Using frozen produce is a great way to get a wide variety of important fruits and vegetables into a balanced diet.
Are you gonna argue with that???? There are some elements happened while your fresh spinach stay in your vegetable bin- exposed to light and the vitamins breakdown....Better off I will buy frozen veges and fruits by now..I will not get worried of spoiling while they are my freezer. I love this idea... and it made my family healthy

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