Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kitty Hawk at NC

Brian and I were talking of going to Nags Head NC, I just don't know what is in there and he does not have an idea too. He knew that there is Wright brothers park there that we could visit. I heard those 2 brothers that are inventor but did not know that it is there in NC. He heard few of his officemates that there is nice beaches there too just like Virginia Beach oceanfront. We never have an idea what we can see there...
When we hit the memorial park for the Wright brothers, Brian asked me if I wanted to check their park and I said right away "YES". We paid $4 admission for adults and 15 y.o under are free. So Ben and Mary are free. For me, I was really enjoying with the facts I learned. I was there where they made the first flight back in 1903. I mean I visited it LOL. They have museum, they showed the first engine they made and some other stuff. They have also lecture at the auditorium, where we did not attended it. Benjamin wanted to check all the stuff they have there. We end up of buying a bird thing that fly and of course postcards, I am collecting postcards. I took lots of photos in it, some facts I did not read it properly and I can read it in a photos LOL... it is big enough to read it.
The place was so nice, it was sand dunes before but the arm forces put some native grasses in there. It grows pretty good anyways. They kind of preserve the house or the garage that they build the first plane.. oh boy! it was really incredible. They have 4 attempts in flying the plane that they made.. I really thanks for their invention because we can not ride an airplane today. The key is how to get to point A to point B. It is really amazing those genius brothers.
My husband really love history and I learned to love more. My son was watching history, it was narrated by

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