Saturday, September 22, 2007

Trip back home from Norfolk VA

I woke up almost 2 am and had headache. I just don't know why, I was trying to drink plenty of water anyways. I was trying to go back to sleep and I was so thankful that I did eventhough I didnot take medicine.
We woke up a little bit early..not early as 6am but 7am LOL I finished packing my stuff. Gosh! I was a bit nervous about having two luggages check in. look! I am going to push the stroller and drag 2 luggages and try to chase Benjamin because he will be off without me. This thing made me crazy thinking about it. Only God knows. I woke up with a bad headache. Brian urge me to take tylenol and I did. The medicine kick off and I am glad.
I finished packing at around 10am, got a break for my breakfast and I fed Mary and Benjamin too. I asked Brian to get food for us downstairs. I just realized if my hubby is around, I am just a spoiled and kept asking lots of favor. I just need to change this attitude, I am scared if my hubby got fed up and walk away. I did not hear anything yet but he is one word man.
Brian was a bit sad not to see us for a week but a little bit happy cause he can get sleep pretty well while he is working 12 hours and he needs rest. Its been awhile he did not get a real rest, he is always working and he is hearing all my complains while we were staying at the hotel. Eventhough he is very tired, he tried to give us a drive and take us out for dinner. Or sometimes go shop. I just see in my hubby's eyes that he is tired and sometimes he is limping because of his knee problem. I am praying that both of my kids would not get this kind of problem. I just realized it that I am a mean wife - ah silent mean wife. Brian is good enough not to talk anything that made myself hurt and upset. He always my good man, my good husband and my good provider for us. He loves his family and that I am thankful.
At about 10:45, we decided to head off to the airport and grab food on our way for our lunch. I figured Benjamin will be hungry enough for lunch since he didnot eat pretty well in breakfast. I remembered that I forgot one thing, my white jacket and Benjamin's lala- this is the most important thing in his life. So Brian decided to go back and grab it. He was trying to stop at chik-fil A to buy lunch and oh boy! it has a long line of cars and even inside. He decided to head off back to the hotel and grab few stuff that I forgot.
Brian was talking to Benjamin about him not coming home with us. Benjamin was quite upset while we are still at the car. He was telling me to go back to Daddy's hotel. He knows that Daddy will not come with us. He is big enough to understand sensitive situations. I am proud with my boy! So, on our way back, we stopped by at Chik-fil A and grab for lunch. I love their chicken nuggets- it is more better than Mc Donalds LOL... Benjamin and I had chik nuggets and Brian had sandwich. Mary was munching chicken and few french fries, I know she is not hungry enough to eat a lot because I fed her before we left. She likes to have something while we eat. We were enjoying our lunch and talk few things to do while Brian and I and the kids departing.
When we get there at the airport, a guy dragging a cart asked us if we need help. I was still a bit nervous with my situation that I have lots of luggages to take care of while looking after with my 2 children. Brian was checking us at the kiosk, I always leaning to my husband to do all my checking at the machine LOL. It seemed that my urge to do it in his presence is low. My adrenalin did not go off, I need to reserve this on our trip, I am expecting 10 hours travel including stop over and riding a bus from Seattle to Gorst. This is not a fun way travelling by myself with two children.
After he checked us in, we head to gate. Benjamin spent a little with his Dad while Mary and I went off to the restroom. I changed her diaper and I do my thing. When we head out, I saw Brian and Benjamin riding in an escalator back and forth LOL. Benjamin loves to do that, his Dad was a bit sweaty chasing him. It is still warm in VA. Brian bid us goodbye, we need to head off to the gate and boarded. It took me 15 minutes to pass the security and then put my stuff back to the stroller. I need to help Benjamin wearing his shoes because he was not willing to put it on by himself.
We started our trip with a calm environment and Benjamin is calm enough to deal with. He gave lots of kisses and hugs to his Dad. He understand quite well that we are going to ride a big plane and leave Daddy. Dad will not coming with us. Nice thing, Brian bought him a NICK magazine that made him think that he has something to do. He loves nicktoon. While Mary was fine as long she can see her Mommy. I am the most important person in her life for now.. I have a supply of food when she is hungry and drink when she is thirsty LOL.. Leaving her Dad is not her thing this time but I know when she is old enough to understand. I am so sure she does not like it.
I really talk to Benjamin sincerely that he needs to help me in our trip especially looking after his sister and not running off without me. He understand quite well but what do you think, he is a four year old sometimes he forgot it. So, we head off to the gate and passed the security. It was hard for me putting all my stuff at the converyor. Especially taking out Mary from the stroller and fold it and put it on on the converyor. To make it a bit simpler, I told to Ben to stand still and I let Mary stand up and hold my leg. This is so hard isn't it. Well, I don't have any choice. So when we passed the machine thing, I kept telling to Ben to look his sister and he did. I was grabbing all our carry on bag and hang it back to the side of the stroller. I settled my two children by providing a calm environment. I helped Ben putting his shoes on and he is looking his magazine while I put the stuff in place where I wanted to. You know easy access for me. It took us 25 minutes I think to pass the security- the line was not very bad at all. At 1:20pm we head to the gate 21 and then I asked tag for my stroller. They started boarding actually and then we headed to the plane and boarded. We leave on time.
I am so thankful that Benjamin did not throw me a tantrum. I know this little guy, he loves his Daddy so much and they always have fun to do stuff. Benjamin was asking me cookie and I gave him Mary's cookie. I thought he won't eat it because it is his sister's cookies but he did. He was asking more food eventhough he just had lunch a few hours ago. I truly believe that talking to our children help them to understand the situation. One thing that Benjamin kept asking is, he wanted to go potty. I just wished I gave him laxative a night before so when he woke up in the morning so he can do his thing fast. There are times that we can't go because we are not in a familiar toilet LOL. I am just like that..always! when I am travelling. Well both of my kids are doing good on our first leg in our trip. We got there at Cincinnati airport at around 3:28pm and we will be leaving at 5pm for Seattle. I called Brian and told him that we got there safe and everything went well smoothly. We got there on time. I am so thankful that there is no delay in our trip. God is so good and I really praise it.
So then, we got off on the plane and look our gate first before we grab some food to eat. Benjamin was so funny, he saw a play area and he wanted to play. I know he wanted to play but we have a long walk for gate B21. He does not want to get on on the train, he wanted to go back. I told him right away that he needs to help me. It is a good thing he did not take off and run. He is good in finding stuff LOL. When we get off at the elevator, he was asking me popcorn. I told him we can buy popcorn as long as we can find a shop that sells and we did found it and I bought a caramel popcorn and I gave him a dollar for being so good to Mommy. He loves popcorn so I asked him not to eat it yet because we will eat food. I am a bit hungry LOL. We had spaghetti and pizza. Benjamin just eat a little and I feed Mary- ahh a jar food from Gerber and gave her few noodles. She loves noodles. Benjamin was kind of done eating, he is a good boy. He just sit there but he was playing my soda and he spilled it. His clothes was wet and wanted me to change him. I was upset a bit but it is fine. It is not a big deal I brought extra clothes for him.
We head off to the restroom but I throw my food to the trash can. I was not kind of done eating but filling up more of my tummy I guess it is not a good thing. I change him and then we head to the gate. Having two children to take care - time fly so fast. We head off to the gate B21 at around 4:20pm and as usual I asked a new tag for my stroller. The staff were so busy starting boarded the old folks or person that ride on a wheelchair. The lady could not help me right away, she was busy boarding few old folks in a wheelchair. While we were standing there next to the their desk. Benjamin was pressing something on their computer and after few minutes the printer run. I told to Benjamin that there is something wrong why the printer run. The printer stop running and there is one guy came and went to the desk. He look at the printer and thought that he is going to say something but instead he grabbed the paper out from the printer and started to look and tearing information that he needed to. I was relieved that he needs those information LOL. So, the lady staff was asking the guy to help us and she was so kind enough to tell me and say sorry for not helping me right away. I understand her, I see it that she is extremely busy. We boarded finally and after 20 minutes the captain told us that we are ready for taking off. I think we left on time.
While we were waiting for the plane to take off. Benjamin wanted to go potty again and I let him. I am afraid if he can poop on his pants where he doesnt have any spare. He is going to wear Mary pants LOL. I was wishing that we did not sit next to an old woman. I know it is hard for her to stand up if we wanted to go to the restroom. I think Benjamin went 5 or 6 times. I know there is something that he wanted to unload it where he could not do it.
Well, Benjamin was sitting pretty well in his seat. He buckles his belt and he was aware that the buckle lights on. He was asking me to watch movie at the portable DVD player and he understand that he is not allowed to while we are taking off. I just told him if the flight attendant announce that it is ok. I will take it out and I was glad that it is ok for him. He just sit there and I offered him if he wanted to eat popcorn and of course the answer is yes! He really loves popcorn. He was entertaining quiet awhile and then when the flight attendant said that it is ok to take out the dvd player. I took it out and let Mary and Ben watch movie. They were watching so good. Mary was sitting at Ben's lap and Ben was hugging her. They are so cute and so sweet sibling. It does not bother to Ben that Mary is always there on his way. He understand now that he is going to share stuff to his sister. He mostly push Mary away but I always told him not to.
I was really sad when I saw that plushy message "low battery". I was wishing they have cigarette lighter where I can recharge the battery. This is the downside on our trip because what I am gonna do- there is two more hours to go. When the battery was dead, I offered Benjamin the blue clues activity book. It helps a lot and Mary was doodling. She loves to doodles and of course she put it in her mouth sometimes LOL.

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