Thursday, September 27, 2007

Very busy day in the house

I just dont want my friends wondered where am I... I am extremely busy here in the house. I was trying to organize my craft stuff and Brian's book. I was running errands too.. This is not so easy to have 2 kids while I do chores at home.
Today my friend Aileen came over and she brought her son Job and Jeremy is her son's friend. She was helping me making with lumpia..she helps rolling it. She is very nice lady and frank. I like her. When she got here, she was wondering why I did not start cutting the vegetables and she thought that she gonna tired cutting small slice or grated it LOL. When she saw that I took out Brian's cuisine art, the food processor. She was amazed how quick grating the carrots and even the potatoes LOL...
Well when I was done for almost an hour grating the vegetables, I put some spices and mix the chicken and beef grounded. We finished rolling it at around 2pm and we cook food of course for our dinner... we love to eat and that's why I gain weight again.
To my friends
Pls dont wander that I did not visit your blog last week and this week. Last week, I was busy preparing all the stuff we need because we are going home here in WA and now that I am here at home. I was busy running errands and got busy preparing with the birthday party for my 2 kids SEpt 30. I joined their party because after 19 days we will be leaving for Bahamas cruise. I am so excited with our cruise and stay at the beach and disneyworld.
I will try to pop in your blogsite and leave footprints but I will not promised when.
Thanks for bearing me

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