Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Soul

Today we went to church and we are enjoying teaching with the kids. We combined the little ones and kindergarten class because it is easier for us to do. Jessica and I were the leaders/teachers of the class and Brian and Mike was helping us. Jessica lead the songs and the kids have a wonderful experience today. They are responsive and my Benjamin I can feel that it seemed he was left out. I was trying that he is going to participate with the activity. He loves craft and motivation is what he needs. Brian was reading the stories about Noah... and we made a paper boat that represents Noah's ark. It is really cool. The children loves it even it is so hard for them to make. After the class, we head to the big people service and the children were behaving. They were enjoying with the stuff they do even the big people were doing the testimony service. It was Pastor appreciation day! We received greetings - Today is our wedding anniversary.

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