Sunday, October 14, 2007

Found a perfect renter for our house

After church, we show Melissa and Mike our house because we are thinking that they are a nice renters. They are a family at church and their parents are our good friends. Sad to say we will be leaving them but it is an answered prayer for Melissa and Mike. Tthey are looking for a new place to stay. They saw our place, oh boy! we have tons of mess in the house but I know they ignored it but I got embarrass. I did not had an energy to clean yesterday because it was my first day of my period. I was emotional and irritable yesterday. Brian did not know that my period came LOL.
We talk about the things we wanted them to do in the house. First, they won't trash our house and I don't think they will. Barb and Tony will spank their butt LOL, they are their parents. Our yard is pretty messy, they agreed to mow the loan using our riding mower and Melissa loves roses and I am so happy with it because I am not gonna be sad leaving my roses to them. We talk a lot and it ended up the short walk through to the house became 30 minutes I guess. Second, if we have projects that we wanted them to do. They are willing to do, I am glad. The first thing is our patio, needs to replace it. I can see in their faces how happy they are looking with our house and I can trust them

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