Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Benjamin was really tired and he was about to sleep in the car on our way to pumpkin patch. We tried to keep him awake. Mary was sleeping in the car as she does not have nap this morning. When we got there, Benjamin was so excited to get his own pumpkin. He saw lots of kids bringing their own pumpkin. Before I get off in the car, I put Mary's shoes on and while Brian and Benjamin went to their nursery. I was looking at the nursery if they have blueberry plant so I could plant it here in my yard. They don't have any.
Benjamin love to run around and was asking Brian to hold him. We finally boarded to the tractor lol.. we were sitting at the bail of hay..oh boy! my butt is painful...kind of hard eh. When we got there to the patch. Benjamin was running and wanted to find the best pumpkin that he can carve LOL. Brian was the one attending him because Mary wanted to walk at the muddy. Good thing not really bad muddy LOL. She loves to touch the pumpkin and I shoot few photos of them. Oh what a cute kids. Benjamin found his pumpkin and of course his Dad was carrying it. I just don't have an idea how much Brian pay for it. We end up of playing at the bail of hay, they formed it like a mazed and the kids have fun playing and climbing. They love those things.
Brian slide on the kids slide.. he wanted to LOL, he was tempted LOL... I was asking Brian if we could go home and Benjamin was still running and playing. I went ahead and I was changing Mary's diaper inside the car,she is so wet..Poor kiddie...

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