Sunday, October 14, 2007

Family Day at PSNS-Bremerton

After we talk to Melissa and Mike, we head off to the family day at PSNS. They showed to the workers family where they work and what are they working for either by machines or labs. They have couple huge cranes, my Benjamin was enjoying it.
We were walking for about a mile to get to Brian's office but oh boy! they were asking if I am a citizen and I am not! I am not allowed to go inside to their office. they are protecting it. I don't know what they have there, it is just like a cubicles LOL..just office. Oh well, we head up to 6th floor and saw the submarine which was cut. Brian was working there for 5 weeks before and still they are not done with their work. We head off to the ship USS Stennis is at dry dock. It is really amazing, the big ship and was supported by blocks.. well it is a concrete blocks but it is really amzing that it did not fell down. I finally saw it and I am so happy..
We did not stay long because it is getting warmer while we are walking. We just stop by at the shop where Rick and Charlie works. Benjamin was enjoying playing the cranes and he ended up of having candies.. cool huh!

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