Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sorting clothes

I was really busy sorting Mary and Ben's clothes, I need to get rid off those clothes that they outgrown and they don't need that to stay on their closet. It is getting crowded. They received few stuff for winter clothes and need to hang it there. I did not get rid off their summer clothes yet because we will be going to Bahamas 16 days from now. I know my kids will wear those because that is warm places.

I was looking into putting their clothes at the consignment store and leave it there for a month and see if I have a little money back or else I will sell it online. I need to make website for selling online. This is a great idea for making money for stay home mothers. I just don't wanna work out and let the kids stay at the daycare. I wanna see them 24 hours a day. That is my job as a mom but I am not condemning to those mothers who are working because they have reason why they work and earned money. I am so thankful with my hubby that it is ok with him that I stay at home and he did not urge to get a job.

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