Wednesday, October 03, 2007

We have sunshine today

I just imagine myself of longing to have sunshine shining in my face. When we were in VA, the sun is just too bright and shiny..oh boy! very hot. It seemed the sun bite my skin.
Since we got home from VA, I was really happy that it was not hot in the outside but then, it is starting to get cold. We are 60's during the day. Good weather but it is a little bit shock in our body. We catch colds again, Mary and Ben still have right now. Mary is starting to get better but Benjamin still congested. Oh boy! this may not help.

I was talking to my hubby when he got home from work this late afternoon that we are going to get a flu shot. He was reluctant to do it because in his opinion he kept getting colds if he got a shot. Oh boy! my pedia doctor will tell me this time that we are going to get a flu shots keep the baby away from sickness. I think this house gave us sickness LOL...
Got upset

Benjamin had pancake for his breakfast with choco milk. He was munching raisins and few snacks before lunch. When I was done cooking lunch, I asked him to sit down and eat lunch. He resisted to get a bite. I was a bit upset but I let him go and then do his thing...
During dinner time, he does not want to eat again. I did not give him anything aside a glass of milk and a juice. He refuse to eat dinner again. I was upset when we were at the table. I kept saying Benjamin is very picky. He said ewwwwwohhh.. I hate it when he said that.

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