Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ben and his friends Jasmine and Jeannie

We left in the house about 11:30am because Mary decided to take a nap. She was so fussy and I can't help of not letting her to sleep or else she will be grumpy all afternoon. I better to. When Mary woke up, she had a big smile looking at her brother and was so excited to go outside. I decided to stop by at Safeway quick because she was out of her baby food and then another stop at Lina's Store. I bought palabok. I never had palabok before because they always put pork chicharon. My mother never make like that too.. I know it is just like a noodle but I think I like it.
We got there at my friends house about 12:30pm and Benjamin was so happy to see Jasmine and Jeannie. They were limping for joy. I just could not imagine how close these kids and it is so sad not to see them when we will be moving to Japan. Clavel and I were talking of giving us update photos so they won't forget each other. Imagine when we will be back here, Ben gonna be seven or nine years old. I think they gonna be felt shyness to each other. Not so sure with those kids.
Clavel and I talk lots of things..... we did not spend lots of time because she is a working girl. She works hard and I just stay at home. We eat lots of food...where to keep us healthy LOL..oh boy! to gain weight LOL...It is ok, it is not always anyways LOL. Aileen and Hazel decided not to come, Hazel has a doc appt where she did not know ahead and Aileen- their private was dig by the power company so they can install power to the next lot. I heard they are going to build a house.

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