Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cooking for dinner

I was so busy yesterday, we had late lunch. Mary is so messy when she is eating by herself. I just remembered that Benjamin is so clean freak. If there is food in his hands, he immediately asked me to wipe it. So he used spoon and fork when he is eating but for Mary. Oh boy! she grabbed the food and pour it on herself. I just could not imagine this little lady. The ecky thing she did is thatwhen she is drinking linquid. She loves to spit it and it runs down on her clothes and she got wet. Ben and I kept saying to her... Mary that is cold and icky.
I cook dinner so quick because Brian will be home in about half an hour. I just want him to eat early because he will be going to sleep early. He went to work 3:00am today so he had a long day. Poor bana. I sent sandwich for his lunch because he could not buy food from the galley, its closed- its weekends

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