Monday, December 10, 2007

Pick my boys at seatac

Brian and Ben flewn yesterday and arrived here in Seatac at around 1:45pm. I thought they arrive early so then I did not attended church. It should be I do. I just heard from Jessica that Amanda's kids are sick and not sure for Kimmy's kids. If they went there, what about they will sing songs for Jesus. Mary and I woke up early but then I still tired from my stressed Friday- during my troubled life in my interview.

I am so glad that I am not scared to drive in heavy traffic. I am quick enough now to watch whats going on on the road. We never know what is ahead, so we better watch out! I was so happy to see my boys yesterday, Brian called me while I was parking the car at the cellphone lot. I drove right away and get them home. Brian never watch the food that he is eating while they are on on the plane. He eat the food in a box that they prepared- there is sea salt. I just could not imagine that he is allergic to sea salt. I wonder if he will be going back to the Philippines, where we are using sea salt. I must be careful with this... I feel bad if he had an allergic reactions. He is always my OA bana LOL.

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