Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Shopping at Walgreens

We went to the store yesterday and Benjamin bought a skateboard toy. He knew that he can buy only one toy everytime we visited to the store. It is cool right, he won't grabbed lots of toys and screamed at me to buy it LOL...pretty good training.
He lost his skateboard toy when he was sleeping, he was asking me to find it. Good thing I did. It is a power ranger skateboard LOL....

I woke up early again, I heard the sound of the water running. It was Brian who wanted to take a bath. Oh boy! It is really noisy. It is just like that it was raining so hard and it has a big downpour. Let me say! SCARY! So, I finally woke up and went to the bathroom and do my thing. Whatever you SAY! LOL.

I was trying to clean up the mess to the kids last night. I was falling asleep again and I just wanted to clean some of the mess they made yesterday afternoon. How you keep up your house clean that has 2 toddlers running around the house? This made me crazy! But anyways, no complain whatever! It is my job to look after with my two little angels. They are my life....
Brian bid goodbye for work, he looked in the outside and there is no snow. They forecast was change and I am glad with that. It is very cold in the outside and there is no rain here in house. Brian asked me to check the and it is forecasted that it is raining all day here in Bremerton - maybe not all day here in Belfair. My place is really cool. When you left at your house, there is no frost but when you drive 2 or 3 miles away. You can see the bushes that is frosted. My little community is a kind of has micro climate LOL.

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