Sunday, January 27, 2008

Better Feeling

Its been three weeks now that I did not had any good sleep and rest. Brian and I were too tired to deal with those old stuff that needs to go.

Yesterday, we were talking of doing some stuff at home but when we got there. Melissa and Mike and their friends and family came and brought their stuff. I got upset a bit because they are on our way. I was just wanna clean windows and bring to the dumpster our old stuff that needs to throw. I never thought that they move in their stuff that day. It was Saturday and I just don't wanna... I will let them know that I am not happy that they move in on the Sabbath Day. I was looking forward to see them at church and have fellowship but they were not there. They are working on Saturday. Well, it is my fault maybe because I did not warned them not to move in on Sabbath. I wished I did tell them.

Well, since they are on our way. Melissa agreed to finish the cleaning that I started. Mike promised to gather all the stuff at the backyard and throw it in the garbage. Well, Barb- their parent said. It is okey because we rented them cheap. How could you get a 3-bedroom house with a big backyard for 600 dollars? You can't! Even renting in an apartment is about 750$ oh well.. this is a kind of helping them and they won't stay their long anyways..

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