Sunday, January 27, 2008

Real Estate University

It's been awhile that I was offline because of our move to Japan. I was checking this site and they are featured at Business Home Magazine. This magazine company featured one company every month and it is really cool to be featured. We can buy this magazine at Barnes and Noble, Staples, Borders, Hastings and more. Try to look at this magazine and actually I am going to go to mall today and look at this.

I was interested in real estate classes and Nouveau Riche University is a real estate investment college that offered classes for short sales, wholesaling, foreclosures, buying and holding, lease options, tax strategies and many more. I am looking into real estate business because real estate agent make good money. My husband loves to be in real estate business when he retired but then he wanted me to start before he retired. Why you not try to check the link that I provided above and find classes that fits your needs for earning extra income. It is really cool to think that at the age of 50, you are living in a savings to survive. You do not need to work so much.

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