Monday, January 28, 2008

Dinner at Amelia Lytle's house

Amelia is my very good friend of mine, my neighbor and a second mother to my two kids, Ben and Mary. She is their Godmother. I was so glad to have a friend like her and I could not asked for more. She is always be there when I need help. She is a big help with our move to Japan.

Tonight, she invited us for a dinner in her house. She was preparing lots of food and I did not bother to bring any food because I know she cook a lot. She can feed the whole town. She invited Tessie, Tom and Zack and so with Ate Fely and her husband Greg. Mary Angel, her daughter was there too and we had a little chat about blogging. She is a great kid and I am praying for her success in life. She deserves to be praise!

Brian and I were three minutes late LOL, we got there late because we took care some paperworks for our renters. This is an overwhelming situation. The last thing that we gonna do is to clean the car and put it at the consignment auto sales here in Belfair. Tom-Tessie's hubby was interested to buy Brian's car and Amelia was talking about that her mother-in-law might be buying my car. I hope this may works well... Lord you will be the one knows how this things going on tomorrow.

Well, we had a wonderful dinner with them. Oh I forgot, Tessie's nephew was there too Randy. We were having lots of fun laughing and talking. Brian enjoyed and so do I. Benjamin were enjoying playing with Zack and to Mary Angel. Mary Angel even read a book to my Mary C. It is really cute that Mary C. sitting on Mary A's lap. Benjamin never done like that to anyone when he was on her age.

I saw Mary A that she was preparing herself to leave and asked her who will take her to the ferry terminal. Amelia's was gonna take Mary but when I look up the time it was 8pm and I think it is time for us to go. I asked Brian to take Mary A to the ferry terminal and let Amelia rest. We need to give Amelia and John a place of solitaire before they went to bed. So we need to get out LOL.

Thanks Amelia for your hospitality and your friendship. We love you!

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