Monday, May 19, 2008

2nd day with our box cratfs

Oh boy! It is so hard to have a kid while you are enjoying crafting. My friends are so kind of enough of letting me bring Mary. I am so thankful that it does not bother with them. If it is then I hope they won't kick me out in the group. I don't think they will. They are so nice ladies and I don;t think they will do that. They were lucky that they got married early and start their families early. Where ME? Boy! Brian and I started late.

I was enjoying with our get together today. I just did not do much but I am so thankful that Gloria is so kind enough of teaching us. Christy Murphy, Sue, Gloria, and Rene started their thing already. Caroline catching us. We were happy and enjoyed laughing as we are doing this washi box together. I will post the photos of the box... the unfinished and finish. I know my box will be lovely. A person that can receive this kind of box is an important person. Making it--- it is so hard and it took lots of patience and time. As a beginner.. this is hard.. but if we are gonna be expert.- it is just pshhhhh...

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