Friday, May 30, 2008

Submit your own ad about dockers contest in

Make your life easier by wearing Dockers pants

Most women like to shop jeans and I do love to wear jeans. It feels comfortable. Oh boy! give me a break- there is a Dockers contest which is pretty cool to join. What about you make an ad of your own- do it like commercial style and submit it to For more information about the Dockers contest
. Just feel free the link that I provided it here. Please submit your entry if you wanna take a chance to win.

When I was visiting to website. People are making commercials which is so silly.It is so funny but I love to watch it. I may submit my entry but I doubt it. I am just a shy type person in a camera. I will try to ask my friends if they wanted to join it. They might be.

There is probability that you might win the contest and who knows! Just feel free to read their contest rules when you visit the nbc website. Let me know if you join and I will visit your entry and I might be vote it. The more votes that you can get is the more chance to win. Hurry and don't hesitate to join. Let the dockers worry for you.


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