Thursday, May 15, 2008


I called my friend Rene and we were talking about scrapbook get together. She told me that we can make a tea box using milk cartoons. I saved lots of milk cartoons and I am glad I did it. I went to her house and so Glo and Sue. We were enjoying with our craft. It is really cool to make it. I will show it to you.

We had fun too eating lunch. I was bringing a toasted seaweed where we can make our own temaki. We were enjoying it and so the lunch. Rene prepared a casserole type thing, bowl of fruit and spicy/pumpkin muffin. It is really yummy. We missed Christy, she was not there because Jasmine got sick.

I am hoping that Mary won't developed a sickness after Jasmine. When I was watching her, she has kind of breathing problems. She seemed sick and has a nose drippings. Not too bad dripping but she has. She slept in Mary's bed and I forgot to change the bedsheets.

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